DAVID ISSUE: How should I show off my GLUTES?


How should I show off my GLUTES? We start with our quote on the issue and go from there. For your review:

DAVID ISSUE: How should I show off my GLUTES? | MILANO411

We stand by our QUOTE OF THE DAY for THE DAVID ISSUE. They, the GLUTES; are a status symbol for today’s macho, metro, and oh so sexual man. The a symbol of who you are and your work in the gym. To get them so big, that you have the jeans problem. What’s that? Finding jeans to fit you is a plus. That means that you squatted like a monster and no light f_cking weight either. We’re talking big ass plates that lesser men can’t do.

Showing them off doesn’t mean you’re gay. Nothing is wrong with being gay either. Remember, the women love a good set to grab onto. She paid money for those nails at the salon and they got to grab something. Better your ass than cash from your wallet. Think about it…..

So be proud and tailor those glutes to match a wide Cobra Back. The size is very important…..Back and Glutes is the combo for this year and beyond. Show them off in jeans, sweats, cut-off denim shorts. But pick a length that isn’t too bootylicious, unless that’s what you want. Be prepared to have people want to take photos with you. If you’re smart, you’ll have business cards and flyers to promote your business or some “honest” way to make money. Plus for they improve a man’s ability to produce more test in the body and accommodate deeper thrusts during sex. That’s something that both STR8 and GAY men can get into too.




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