David Harbour’s Intense Body Transformation To Become Hellboy

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David Harbour soon to be Hellboy. Body of a God? Or Body by something else? We’re not going to hate, but we can’t stand when Hollywood tries to sell the masses fiction on body transformation. We know, and you know, that someone gets David or said actor or actress (Angela Bassett playing Tina Turner), some GEAR. Not the kind that goes down a NYC or Milano runway during fashion week. Regardless this video gives great tips and some considerations.

Though he’s no stranger to television, you probably recognize American actor David Harbour as Stranger Things’ chain-smoking lawman Chief Hopper. His character in the hit Netflix series is a hero of sorts…but not exactly a superhero. There’s one comics-derived role that’s perfect for him, though: the cigar-smoking half-demon hero Hellboy. Since the first image of Harbour as Hellboy for the upcoming reboot went live, the internet has buzzed with conjecture as to how Stranger Things’ soft sheriff got so swole. Well, wonder no longer! Here’s how Harbour shed that extra weight and put on some powerful red muscle…


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