Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God!


Darren Lee Cupp is a stud. A man that makes the heads of women turn and men wish they were him. He is by definition, and romance novel cover art tradition; a hunk. A man made for female desires; which are of swords, and women having their clothes torn off (willingly of course) by a dashing pirate or knight. Made for nothing more than sex and running off to get married without the King’s permission sunsets. Blah…blah…blah and double blah. Muscle guys get stereotyped too and we here at MILANO411 believe in the reality that body shaming and all that comes with assuming a longhaired sexy man is to be a walking Designer Redneck sex toy made for women. All rolled up into tight country boy jeans and the occasional ponytail and beard to match. Viewing men as sex objects only is just as bad when men do it to women.

Why? Because there is always more to the story than the castle, or the shipwreck, or the tribe of hunky shirtless cavemen that hunt wooly mammoths and women’s hearts too. Not making fun of the romance novel or hunk calendar crowd; but Darren is so much more than ALL that. He is a writer, producer, actor, bodybuilder, artist, jewelry designer, and also a dancer. Yes, young muscle guys. You can shake your man booty and money maker on a professional level and be so much more than a male stripper. Not that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

But to be where Darren is, at his level, you have to earn it with both hard work and training. Darren has had the privilege to dance with the one and only pop-icon Madonna. He has a new movie out too, called Haven. If you like end-of-the world, post-nuclear war survivalist sci-fi; then his film is for you. We sat down with Darren and he was nice enough to interview with us and drop The 411 on his life and how he got there. In the hopes that this knowledge can move you to your desired dreams. If you do what Darren did, you’ll surely get there. With or without the beard. But the women dig the fuzz, if you know what we mean. So for NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, we salute and get The 411 from Darren Lee Cupp….


1. What is sexy about you? Why do the women love you so much?
Thats a hard question to answer about yourself. HAHAHAH… I would
guess what is sexy about me is the same thing I’d find sexy in others. An uplifting positive attitude. You will be amazed how you can impact the people around you with just an uplifting word or two. The ability to make someone see the good inside them is a powerful force. I am always drawn to those types of people. What do women love about me? Well, that would have to be my personality of course. wink wink.

2. So how did you get into acting, and what have you learned?
I have been acting since a very young age. Ask anyone who knew me as a little boy, and ask them what I said I was going to be when I grew up. My answer was always “an entertainer.” I knew acting, singing, and dancing would be my path, and I guess what I’ve learned the most is; that it’s ALL possible. People always say you can be whatever you want to be and you know what? Its absolutely 100%true. Never give up despite what others say and you really can have whatever life you design for yourself!

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

3. In the movie Haven, what did you do the prep for the shoot; both mentally and physically? I knew the character Ethan, was going to be a tough, broken, man. I definitely hit the gym hard for the role. Haven was set in the aftermath of the apocalypse so our filming location helped me get into the right mindset for sure. We filmed in the middle of nowhere, slept in tents, and had no running water on set. It helped with getting into character for sure.

4. Do you feel being a muscular guy limits or expands the roles you
can have? Well first, let me start by saying being a muscular guy is new for me. Two years ago i weighed 160lbs and i was very skinny. Certainly not the 225lbs you see today. That was due to hard work, hitting the gym hard, and my desire to get in shape. As an actor we change our looks from role to role but i would say that having a better build has helped with the roles and certainly changed the types of characters I play.

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

5. What type of role or character would you like to portray into
the future? I don’t think there is just one. I love a challenge, so any character that forces me to stretch my ability; I am automatically drawn to. A super hero might be fun though. HAHAHAH!

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

6. Do you write or produce films?
I produced Haven. Haven was my first motion picture. I have
produced television shows and live shows before but Haven was my first film. It certainly wont be my last. There are a few more in the works.

7. What do you do to stay in such great shape?
I am a dancer so that helps. I do work out with weight at least
three times a week. I do not watch what i eat as well as i should but i
am getting better at it.

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

8. Do you feel having long hair typecast you for certain roles?
Typecasts me no. But I might get overlooked for some because of
it. I am just myself. If a director sees me in his vision, great; if not,
there are other roles.

9. What does the future hold for you?
So many things. I try to stay busy. There is a television show
being developed and a couple films. I am also currently working on my next music single with my producer Warren Mccrae who produces for Tina Turner. Still promoting my EP out now on itunes and amazon and streaming called Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. There is also my bracelet line. So more of the same. More music, movies, and excitement. Stay tuned.

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

10. What was it like to perform with Madonna during the 1/2 Time
Show during the 2012 Superbowl? Very exciting and once in a lifetime. Long rehearsals, and I met a lot of great people. She is very talented and played a part in producing every aspect of that show. Its something I will always look back on with a sense of pride.

11. If you had one wish for the world going into next year, what
would it be? That people open their hearts. We’re to divided. People lead conversations now with their differences and it makes no sense to me. If you can only see what is different then you cannot learn.

Darren Lee Cupp……..11-11-2018…

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411

He is great guy…thanks Darren for dropping by this month for our 1st annual NO SHAVE NOVEMBER…

Musclebear men who are wanna-be Darren Lee Cupp clones; take note. A man with size, grace, and some hair on his face can go far. For the Ladies, more will be coming of Darren in the near future. Ciao from MILANO…


MILANO411.com wants to personally thank Darren Lee Cupp for dropping by this month and dropping The 411 on what he’s about, why women should want him, and why men should copy him. He’s a perfect alpha male, eye candy for ladies this month who want more FUR for their NO SHAVE NOVEMBER! All this month that is the theme. So get yourself a MUSCLEBEAR TO SNUGGLE UP WITH THIS WINTER. Honey works to attract them…

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Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God! | MILANO411


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