D is For David

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Welcome to Renaisance 21!

We found ourselves in April and now May. The first look of spring and is the gateway to the 2nd quarter and the rest of the year.

For those who are change junkies, there’s still is time for change. Time to move forward, move mountains made of marble, move to beauty (in all it’s forms).

Beautiful Mind.   Body Beautiful.   Life Beautiful.

How does one sculpt or construct this? How does one become an “Artisan of Life.” Mastering all of it’s many secrets and nuances. The answer, we think; is simple.

They simply look to both Milano and Italian history. Particular focus paid to the Dynamic Duo of Italian art history. Who are they?

That would be il Divino (The Divine One), otherwise known as Michelangelo and the city of Milan, and it’s hardcore, not going to QUIT mantra on life. Actually when it comes to Milan (Milano) we look towards the mantra of the city. Which is:

L’energia = Energy

L’efficieta = Efficiency

La disciplina = Discipline

Since MILANO411 launched back in 2015; we’ve always pushed this mantra to the masses. To you, our loyal readers and fans. We want it to shape or reshape your lives. Sculpt the future you want to have. One full of growth, sexy fashion, and style; and always combined with positive change for the world. To be more than another fashion magazine. Or worse yet, a beefcake magazine with shameless and cartoonish displays of muscle men. NO, that’s not what my team here in Milano and NYC are about. We’re about being the mirrors in your lives that create better tomorrows for you and your loved ones. Showing off your assets that don’t require funky graphics or blocs with the words 18 or Older, or worst yet, censored. MILANO411 wants to show off your assets of the heart and mind. The projects you’ve been working on (whether you be a man or woman), the body you’re building to wear all these great designers from Italy. You’re loved ones. Your pro-positive and forward thinking philosophies. Your creative endeavors that bring joy to others. Pets too!


Focus and leverage this philosophy, and you’ll ALWAYS be able to CREATE MASTERPIECES in your lives and communities too. The synergy of these two, will change your life in a way that is unimaginable. Taking raw thought and transforming it into the stuff of dreams. When Michelangelo first sculpted The David, he said the following:

“The David was always inside the marble. I just pulled him out.”

Reach your potential through focused thought, placed into manageable action, and always combined with STYLE. This is what MILANO411 is about. Regardless of the demons of distress in our modern world. Using these tools will allow any MAN or WOMAN to conquer any giant. Toppling Goliath like it was easy. Don’t give into FEAR. This philosophy is nurtured solely by DREAMS & VISION. Always planted in a garden full of POSITIVITY and HOPE.

Our goal, is to always help you discover this mantra and journey towards your dreams. MILANO411 is your coach, friend, cheerleader, and to some; even Guardian Angel. To all the dreamers of the world, keep pushing. Don’t let anyone stand in your way, as long as your VISION and DREAM is positive and based in creation. Creation with some “spillover benefits” to the rest of society too. We say:

“Your DREAMS are things of beauty. Your life is FUELED by them. Remember this and go far.” By – Kris Milano, Publisher of MILANO411.COM

MILANO411 is and always will be your guide book. Assisting you in creating this reality and doing it with heart and some style too. Preferably Italiano and always through the lens of the city of MILAN. Always remembering that they are both required for success. Our goal this month and beyond, is to celebrate both of our themes.

The 1st theme of the MILANO mantra combined with the celebration of male perfection as embodied by The David. You may say, The David! The big naked guy and most famous MALE NUDE in the history of mankind? The statue that made everyone giggle in high school?

MILANO411 says: Yes, silly, The David! Why?

“The David is timeless. The David is Beautiful. The masterpiece of the ages is male yet offers something special for women too.”

The David, however, is much more that a giant naked man in marble; who is definitely a Squat Junkie. With glutes that are world famous? Our answer, is:

NO, NO, NO..AND NO. The David is not about nudity. It is about SPIRIT and REBIRTH. He is about endless possibilities and dimensions. He is about making nothing into something. To the MEN that read our Muscle Column, does this sound familiar to you? The fact of taking NOTHING (soft flesh or unwanted flesh) and shape it to solid rock hard marble. To the FEMALE readers of MILANO411, you have the power to shape your flesh and dreams too.

The David represents what LIFE is and should always be about. Remember the term:

LIVE, when spelled backwards is the word EVIL. At least in Inglesi (English).

So if you want more LIFE, be positive. Go FORWARDS, not backwards. The light that shines off the marble from Carrara, Italy is your guide. The same marble that made The David. And the David, in all his male phallic glory, offers women the ideal man. The man willing to topple giants without fear and enter any battlefield. Sounds like husband and boyfriend material to us. We hope it sounds like that to you too. For the right woman who uses FEMALE WLDS, guile and grace; and the mind of a rocket scientist; you too could be like a sculptor and shape the man in your life into a work of art for your dreams and happiness. We’re not talking only the fleshy good parts, like abs, glutes, back, etc. All that is fun in the bedroom, helps father children, and more; but over the decades it will surely fade. We’re talking about shaping the inside too. So stay tuned this month and into the summer for more articles aimed at women who love sexy men. We haven’t forgotten about you.

So one more time, for those who didn’t do too well in school. The David is art. The art of creation and rebirth. The David is life and all it’s possibilities. The David is positive thought and a reflection of hope off his shined marble Man Buns. The David is attainable perfection, in both the gym and life. The David is taking something flawed, like the marble that made him and getting what you want. You Say: Wait a minute!

We Say: Yes, silly! The flaws can be turned into treasures. You’ve been taught or feel The David is too perfect. “I can’t get those abs.” OR…

“I can’t get that butt!”

We’re here to say, Yes You Can. You can get those attributes. Using The David as a template for life. Back to his creator Michelangelo. The David was made from a flawed piece of marble. Chipped, broken, and laughed at. Also, two (2) other sculptors had tried with the same piece of and FAILED. Michelangelo told himself he was GOING TO SUCCEED. He took the challenge and triumphed. Keeping David shrouding in giant white sheets enclosure, shaped like a square; threatening his assistants with being “blacklisted,” from the arts industry if they revealed what they saw.

PHOTO: Gianluca Bertazzo – from Italy! (in Versace)

The lesson for us in the 21st century? How can this work for MILANO411 fans and readers?


NEVER GIVE UP! Push your limits. Perfection is a state of mind. Sculpt both your body and mind just like il Divino or known to us as Michelangelo. Shape your life towards perfection.

If your life is flawed in any way, shape it to your ideal. The ideal or life theory you want, not what society, media, or even fashion tells you.

The David is much more than a Giant Naked Man, for those of the “ignoranti” set. Rather, he can and should be a philosophy and/or a way of life, for those who dare to battle giants. Giants of fear, Giants of hate, Giants of cowardice. They aren’t giants, they are only in your mind; and your attitude, imagination, creativity, and love conquers them.

We Celebrate The Men That Are: THE DAVID

(in heart, body, and soul)

The David is Transformation…(Mikey Dunn from AZ, USA)

NOTE: Checkout our wonderful story on Michael Dunn…

Michael Dunn: Muscle BRO Transformation!

The David is in Color and comes in all shades…(Yanick – Cappuccino Sexy!)

The David is ITALIAN…(Leone Daniel from Italy!)


The David is Forever Young…(Italo  Rosanella from Italy!)

The David is PEC-Tacular…(Chrissy Smith – UK!)

The David is Beautiful & Not Afraid to Show IT…(Chrissy Smith – UK!)

The David is Beautiful & Poses in the Lockeroom…(Javier – Argentina!)

The David is Classic Manhood Defined…(Erlis – Italy!)

The David is the morning light…(Erlis from  – Italy!)

The David is a Father…(Jan Loomans from  – The Netherlands!)

The David hangs out with other Davids…(Jan Loomans from  – The Netherlands!)

The David is a Working Class Adonis & an electrician too…(William – WA, USA!)

The David is Sometimes Hairy…(Jorge – Argentina!)

The David is Glutes and some have them and others don’t. They’re built of steal from hours of squats. Perfect for female hands with beautiful nail polish to squeeze with one hand and use the other for her phone…

Photo: Giuseppe Chiaramida

The Leg Day routine gives The David his powerful lower body and world famous asset….

The David is always doing the hustle in the gym to get those glutes….

(Claudio Caldarelli from Italy! ) 

Last but, not least; Mr. Simone Schilro, from Italy! Glutes, from hard work and looking just like The David (Bravo!)….

The David is more than a giant naked man. He is style, he is confidence, and he looks good in and out of clothes…(He is fashion too!)

Photos: Christian Reinholtz – Siegburg, Germany

The David is LOVE, and that love that a MAN has for a WOMAN…

The David is also NOT AFRAID TO EXPRESS HIMSELF, through Fashion!

PHOTO: Mauro Pelle, from Italy! (fan of the site!)

The David is HUGE! He commands respect and attention.

The David is made of hard marble and his real life counterpart is also huge and commands attention…

Photo: Pierpaolo Belich, Italy!

Photo: Julius Jurkunas….Lithuania!

The David is American and Age is Just a Number…

(Gerald Maragos, USA)

The David is a Devoted Husband and an Actor too…

(Gerald Maragos, USA)

Gerald’s new movie is called Prepper’s Grove. Check it out.

(For More Information: https://www.preppersgrove.com/)

The David is Real and always Made of Steel…

The David is Order & Heroic…(Charles – TX, USA! & a proud police officer too!)

The David is proud of his body and knows it’s a work of art. No shame to show it OFF! Not concerned with the opinions of lesser men. Only the women who love him…(Some photos from our readers…)

PHOTO: Alexander Fava (from Spain or Espana!). Checkout Alexander’s article and interview he did for MILANO411.

The Flava of Alexander Fava! (From Spain)

PHOTOS: Andrea Bolzani – from Italy! (from the back, making Michelangelo and The David proud!)

PHOTOS: Andrea Bolzani – from Italy! (from the front!) – Making both Michelangelo and The David proud…

The David is You….Go forth and create, love, and be the artist of your life. Whether you be MALE or FEMALE, and all those in between. Hope this May brings you peace and love for you and your families. If you are a man, more PUMPS in the Gym and also the BEDROOM. If you’re a woman, more energy to get WHAT YOU NEED done, DIVA style. May love, romance, and finance increase for you this month and throughout the summer….

Kris Milano, Publisher of MILANO411.com & the Staff of MILANO411 too! Ciao Tutti. Buona Fortuna….(Good Fortunes)


Thanks to all the MEN and our proud readers and friends of the site. The magazine is about you and a vehicle for those ladies in your life and FEMALE admirers to love you and show off your hard work in both the GYM and LIFE…

PLEASE REPOST THIS LINK AND SHARE WITH OTHERS. Let’s create Renaissance 21! It’s time to STOP THE SHIT, and build great thinks with both the Internet and it’s rebellious cousin, known as SOCIAL MEDIA…

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: If you’re a Muscle Guy with something going on and either want an article and/or interest in modeling for us, please contact us via our FB page or use the contact form here. Ciao…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, The David is about Brotherhood…Not Racism and Hate!



The people of Italy for sharing her gift. The GUYS who read our Muscle Column. The ladies who read everything else and the ones that are dating muscle men and nice enough to prep his food. Thank them guys!

Also, last but not least, Mr. Michelangelo himself. Mille Grazie for The David…




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