Cyndi Lauper: True Colors (Blue Collar Bros Remix)

14 would like to wish a Happy Birthday to a very special lady that has warmed the hearts of millions, with music that became the soundtrack to their lives. Ms. Cyndi Lauper celebrates another year, where she graces us with her DIVA talents and all she gives to the world of charity to. A pioneer in music video and fashion looks, that said, “I don’t care what you think of me.” For all of this we salute her.

ON another note, this fine lady was recently harassed online at her website for registering voters. We’re getting really tired of the “strong-arm,” Made-In-China tactical gear right-wing nut jobs that are trying to ruin the arts. If she wants to register voters to vote BLUE in NOV or whatever, that is her business. Cyndi Lauper has dedicated free concerts and endless hours of charity work for AIDS advocacy, the homeless, race relations, scholarships for African-American kids, restoration projects in Italy (for paintings), breast cancer, the Troops (vets from those wars), and ovarian cancer. Get a life you SICK FUCKS! TRUMP is not GOD. Cyndi Lauper belches more creativity in an hour than most of you “social media” Nazi-wannabes will ever create. Let’s support artists. Artists that try to make the world a better place. LET’S STOP THE HATE. IF you like what is written here, please share this post. This is getting tired, and fast. Even if TRUMP wins, we have to live together. Our thought here at the magazine, that some have FASCIST fantasies of eliminating some groups. Please VOTE IN NOVEMBER. Ciao…. (We forgot, she’s also done stuff for the rainforest and gay rights too.)


Cyndi Lauper had a string of hits in the 80’s. True Colors was a bit of a challenge to remix, but I think we prevailed. Hopefully you will enjoy this remix.


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