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DAVID ISSUE 2019!: Grow those GLUTES big guys. The WOMEN love them and they help you grow even bigger and grow test in the body. This workout gets it going. Ciao from


It’s time to GET SERIOUS about developing that glute of yours. It’s not going to happen (at least not optimally) by doing the bare minimum or doing weird ‘YouTube’ exercises.

YES, we love training the glutes using a wide range of exercises for overall leg strength and development but this video is talking about what it takes to add mass to your glutes through certain isolation exercises.

Science shows that the glute muscles are best stimulated by doing hip extension and abduction movements under moderate to heavy resistance. So your training should reflect that if you want maximal gains and a bigger booty.

Check out this video to see what it takes to get some serious results and build that butt. Sure, squats and lunges will help hit those glutes but if you want MAX gains, you need to isolate the muscles using the proper sets, reps, rest, and tempo, just like bodybuilders do when it’s time to bulk up.

If you have a flat butt, you will want to start a mass building program, don’t worry about your abs or arms. (for a while.)

The best movements for mass building make up a very short list and you need to do them every time you train, as mastery of the movements is a key to mass building.

-Hip Thrust
-Glute Bridge
-Bulgarian Split Squats
-Lateral Walks
-Kick Backs
-Frog Pumps
-Clam Shells

There’s something magical about mass gains around the 8-12 rep range, 3-5 sets, 30-90 seconds of rest. Stick with these exercises using these numbers and you’ll see some mass added to you back end. But remember, it takes time and a lot of hard work.

THE DAVID is Jimbo Collins

The David Reborn: Garry William Collins!






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