COVID-19: Italy Goes To Music vs. Hate (Lessons Learned)


LESSONS LEARNED: ITALY took strife and lemons, and turned it into a gold mine. Did people suffer? YES. Were people sad and depressed? YES. Did people still die? YES. But what did ITALY do? She went to creation and her people. She found beauty in self and fraternity. Reaching out and helping to make the world better. Little crazy conspiracy theory and a lot of love and community building. America take note. This will be on the final exam. Ciao from


From March 2020: As Italy entered its fourth day of a nationwide lockdown, Italy residents took to their balconies on Friday evening to sing the national anthem in a ‘flash mob’ to raise morale amid the coronavirus outbreak. The national anthem ‘Fratelli d’Italia’ was blared out of speakers from Turin to Naples and families sang along cheering from their balconies, clanging together saucepans, for a moment of respite from a tough week under strict COVID-19 measures.


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