COVID-19: ITALY Eases Restrictions


COVID-19: ITALY rises from the chaos and pushes forward to a bright future. Trying to cope and figure out what’s next. But showing the world how to treat one another and medical professionals. A lesson learned? Ciao from PRAYERS from our NYC office to our colleagues in MILANO. We love you guys. Ciao…(Gio Benedice).


***Video courtesy of BBC. Cheers!

Ten weeks after it became the first country in the world to impose a nationwide lockdown, Italy has begun easing its coronavirus restrictions. Shops, restaurants, bars and hairdressers are re-opening and people are free to travel within their own regions.

Italy was the epicentre of Europe’s covid-19 outbreak, and almost 32,000 people have died there.  Now the daily number of deaths and new cases is at the lowest level since restrictions were imposed.

Meanwhile in Brazil, the health system in the country’s largest city São Paulo is close to collapse, according to the mayor.  Brazil has the fourth largest number of cases in the world and there’s concern that many in Brazil’s cities have defied lockdown rules — including the country’s President.

Fiona Bruce presents BBC News at Ten reports from Mark Lowen in Italy and Katy Watson in Brazil.


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