Interview with Ryan Hodgson

Ryan Hodgson is an online fitness coach, helping clients to lose weight and feel better about themselves. He run’s his coaching business, Hodgson Health, with his beautiful wife Elly too. They are both 2 x best selling authors and have been public speakers and have our very own podcast. He loves and lives to connect more people to share his passions with. He is a massive foodie and loves helpping clients with their nutritional struggles and in fact created a guide to help simplify things which you can download for free –

We asked Ryan, who we’re proud to say is a friend of the site and asked this handsome man with so much good stuff going for him to do a dedication piece to his wife for the Valentine’s Day season. He dropped The 411 on his passion and love for his partner in life, best friend, and much more!

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1. What do you love about your beautiful wife?

I love how beautiful she is both inside and out. She genuinely has the kindest heart to match the beauty she has physically. She’s also a wonderful mother too.

2. How did the two of you meet?

Well, thats a funny story, Elly actually joined my old bootcamp as a client, and after a few months we got talking, 5 years later now my wife, business partner, best friend, training partner and everything else :D:D

3. When did you know it was love?

I would say on the first date I knew Elly was a keep, there was just something very, very special about her; we went for sushi (I didn’t think I’d eat sushi but when she suggested it…I had no choice…haha).

4. Do the two of you work together in your fitness business?

Yes we work together in our business and all clients get 2 coaches, which gives them even more support and we both have a slightly different areas of expertise, (Elly is pre and post natal, I am nutrition.)

5. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

This Valentines is actually our 3rd wedding anniversary at the wedding we even had weights at the reception in a photo booth area. We will be having a takeaway with our 3 year old daughter, as we are going out just the two of us, the week before; to the first restaurant we ate in in Liverpool (UK) which is now our home.

MILANO411 staff in both our NYC and Milano offices would like to wish Ryan and Elly a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hope that the glow of love and positivity follows them into the remainder of the year and beyond. Ciao and big kisses to all the lovers in the world.


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