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Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love is four letter word that should be used often and with no apologies. It’s used by two human beings and when it comes to a man and woman; the volumes of words and songs, and everything else that humankind has ever created is endless. Italy is a country where love is in the DNA of the land, its people, and most definitely; the glow on the streets of Milano. The fashion capital sees roses go for sale, and men and women get dressed up and hit the clubs and other food spots. Kisses are exchanged and love is fueled normally by intense passion. The same course of events happens all over the globe and isn’t limited to the three fashion capitals (NYC, Paris, & Milan) and other hot spots (Miami, Vegas, LA, London, Berlin, etc.). It’s seen online and in small towns too. It’s seen in young and old couples alike. Gay and Lesbian ones too. It’s seen on billboards for fashion products and in the hearts of men who just hold their woman’s hand as they walk down the street. It’s seen in the photos of lovers on social media and definitely in the loving eyes of both Jesse and Jessica.

For the month of February, MILANO411 is proud to do our Couples Project Interview installment with Jesse James and Jessica Peel. Our staff has come to lovingly call them J3. Sounds like a clothing line? Definitely, Jessica is a lovely woman whose beauty compliments the handsome beast that is Mr. Jesse James. Whether they become a designer clothing label, may their love never go out of style. We won’t ruin the read or surprise. From the staff of MILANO411, we wish the best this Valentine’s Day and into the days ahead. Buona fortuna.

Discover love in their own words…  and click here to view their photo gallery

He Said…(Egli ha detto.)

1. What does love mean to you as a man? Love to me means that you have someone that sees that you are not perfect and still wants to go through the hard times just as much as the good times. When everything and everyone says give up you keep pushing to try and fix what is broken.

2. When you saw her, what were your first thoughts? When I first saw Jessica I was just taken back, here was this insanely gorgeous woman who I HAD to talk to. She was perfect.

3. If she was a word, which one would it be? (To describe her). Loving.

4. What romantic things do you do for her? I try to text her nice things randomly throughout the day like I am thinking of you or I miss you. I try to get her flowers or something small and meaningful so she knows I’m thinking about her. I have started buying her coffee mugs (she loves coffee) from every place I visit as I travel quite a bit.

5. Plans for the future? Vacation, we both enjoy traveling so I am always trying to find time for just an “Us” get away so we can get away from everything going on in our lives and just relax.

She Said…(Ella ha detto.)

1.  Why do you love him? I love his dedication.

2. What’s sexy about him? His arms are sexy!

3. If you had a song to describe him, what would the title be? Love me like you do, by Ellie Goulding.

4. Plans for the future? Taking it one day at a time

5. Plans for Valentine’s Day? That’s a surprise!

*PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Thanks to both Jesse James and Jessica. More links on both of them, are listed below. Jesse James, a sports celebrity, hunk, fashionista male, and an Alpha-Male bro too, that totally defines what being a Renaissance Man is all about in our crazy age (and the MILANO411 look for men). Jessica is a beauty and has a heart of gold. Stay tuned, we’re going to open up the Couples Project to more couples for 2017. Please join our mailing list if you want to learn more. Ciao…

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“Count Your Nights By Stars, Count Your Life By Smiles, Not Tears…” Italian Proverb


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