Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala…


Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411

** is proud to present our latest ROMANCE FEST for the Halloween Season, known as The Couples Project. It’s our column dedicated to love and we’re happy to have Dustin & Mikala with us this month. Read more and discover what they won too! Yes, we gave out some sexy and stylish MILANO swag (from our swag closet of course). Ciao from Milano….

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411

Love is many things. It is hope. It is commitment. It is unwavering support. It is building bridges and new tomorrows together. It is sex. It should always be about romance. It is sticking it out, even in the tough times. It’s about having someone to confide in. Heavy words written in October or the Season of The Witch. But true and so needed in our world of increasing change and social upheaval.

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411

We selected Dustin and Mikala because you can just look at them and see they’re in LOVE. Not a little type of love like a cupcake at a roadside diner. We’re talking a whole bakery full of love. Dustin is an aspiring professional wrestler who has appeared on TV and is currently pursuing a film career. His wife, Mikala, wrestles too and puts the glam back into sports entertainment.

But when we saw the photos of Dustin and his lovely wife, Mikala; we knew magic had entered our inbox and they would be the perfect installment for the COUPLES PROJECT. For those new to this column and MILANO411.COM, this column is dedicated to LOVE as embodied by committed, preferably married; couples of all STRIPES. We share why they love and why we consider them stylish. We normally go for our readers, but are always open to love by non-readers too.

So we sat down this month and talked with the two of them. This is what we got. A good read, full of inspiration for other couples and MILANO411 celebrates their love. Come back on Halloween to get The 411 on their love!


ATTENTION MUSCLE GUYS: A gift for the woman in your life?

So Muscle-BROs, we’re putting you on notice, checkout the free stuff they’re getting and do something nice for the woman in your life. Loving a bodybuilder or sports athlete ain’t easy. Cooking chicken, supermarket, laundry on your dirty underwear and socks/sweats, popping acne (backne) zits, listening to your worries, and loving you. Ain’t easy work and the lady in your life does it so well. So treat her nice this Halloween and beyond. Contact us via FB or in our inbox to have one done on you and your lucky lady. The column is open to both married and long-time committed single couples that are “shacking up.” Mama Mia! And yes, the column is also open to same sex couples too. We have one coming in the future and have already done one. No judgements from us, just LOVE! Mama Mia! Ciao…


Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411

**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Thanks Dustin and Mikala. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts to us. May the rest of 2018 and the new year of 2019 bring you happiness and joy.  This is the 1st installment of the article. Part two will come out in the Couples Project column, which is currently being revamped for 2019! If you are a sexy couple and want to share your love and how you met, and what love means to you…please contact us to do an article. All couples get free gifts with the article. Gifts vary per what is in our SWAG Closet, but we’ll make sure it’s nice. Ciao from Milano….

What They Got:

All winners for this column receive a free gift from us and our Promo Partners. The gift is given in love and style; and in the hopes promoting cultural exchange between Italy via the city of MILANO and her powerhouse style. And, the rest of the world or as we like to say, our fans. Dustin and Mikala both got Armani! When the site launched in 2015, our Designer of the Year was Giorgio Armani. Since then we’ve always had a soft spot for him and his world view. Bravo Armani!

FOR HIM: Dustin

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411

FOR HER: Mikala

Box of pastas (gourmet) for their home and Si by Giorgio Armani…

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411 Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411


***THE STAFF of MILANO411 here in Milan and NYC wish Dustin and his beautiful wife, Mikala; nothing but blessings and success. In Italian we say, Buona Fortuna. Which translates as Good Fortunes. We hope the universe opens up doors for Dustin and he can conquer it. Ciao from Milano and thanks for doing the interview….Any producers out there or directors, Dustin is the next big thing in acting and sports entertainment. He’d be perfect for a horror movie…Zombies anyone!

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala... | MILANO411


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