COLDCUT: People Hold On (Disco Mix w/Lisa Stansfield)



We love our UK dance music and GOD knows it’s a staple of style here in MILANO. NYC too. This is our favorite. COLDCUT singing the dance track, People Hold On. A song that is needed today. The planet is warming, political turmoil is non-stop, and so is the drama that comes with it. We say, Save The Drama 4 Your Mama. 

Instead???? Dance you beautiful people. This track is perfect to do cardio, the gym, projects, shopping or just car cruising. Also, the icing on the cake are the lovely vocals of LISA STANSFIELD. Don’t give into fear. Live for the future. 

Ciao from

VIDEO: Courtesy of RETROMIXES1. We love them. Please join their YouTube page and other platforms. Ciao…