Christopher Krynauw Interview: David Issue 2019 – From South Africa


THE DAVID ISSUE 2019 – Icon Interview….

What is that? The dictionary defines an icon as a role model, specifically:

A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.” identifies it as having the traits of an ALPHA. A person who is the Apex Human. The “evolved man.” The man that makes his own decisions and sets a big example for others to follow. The type of man that inspires others to raise their game and take it to the next level.

Men that get noticed and make you say, “I wish I had a time machine, like Dr. Who and go forward to see the excellence that they will create in the years to come before us.”

For THE DAVID ISSUE 2019, we saw such a man hailing from South Africa and in the body of Christopher Krynauw. Christopher embodies all the traits of our very successful DAVID ISSUE. The celebration of Michelangelo’s iconic creation and it’s meaning to the world. We noticed Christopher right away and wanted to do a global focus on THE DAVID beyond that of its homeland of ITALY and its modern cheerleader or most vocal advocate across the Atlantic; as embodied in the Hollywood-Culture that is AMERICA. A nation with a city called VENICE and home to MUSCLE, as seen through the eyes of the modern world and all its pop-culture love affairs. We wanted to find MEN from around the planet that represented what our MENSWEAR EDITORIAL is about. A collection of diverse bodies, lifestyles, and bodies that would make The David in ITALY proud. Men who looked good in and out of clothes. Men that were more than just their nudity and the fact they were brave enough to say no to “stigma” or “shame,” when it came to showing what creation gave them and it’s relationship or continuation of the genius that is Michelangelo and the core values of transformation and overcoming the odds to become a masterpiece.

Just like The David statue here in Italy. Not fearing giants, but rather coming up with their own style and strategies; designed to make them fall to their knees.

We were looking for MEN that didn’t care what others think. Young men with a vision that needs to become reality. saw all this in Christopher and we saw a MAN on the rise. Soon to become the “The Next Big Thing.” With THE DAVID ISSUE 2019 now becoming a perm feature of the site and celebrated with full force every spring; we save “the best for last.” Presenting men like Christopher Krynauw, in all his glory as we end the last few months of this decade; and embark on another that will surely define the 21st century even more.

Christopher and some other fine men from other countries on this planet called Earth; sat down with us and shared their worldview. Their hopes, dreams, and the protein shakes that fuel the muscle inside of them. But no health food store supplement or anything else can replace when a MAN has drive and ambition. An ambition crafted out of steel and forged everyday in the gym, at work, and in the hearts of the people who love him.

Physically, Christopher Krynauw is a specimen to manhood and sex appeal. Happily married to his lovely wife Simone and having a son too; yet finding time to “sweat it out” in the gym to create Greco-Roman perfection for our eyes and minds. Christopher is more than a “jock.” He is a creature of perfection, with wisdom beyond his years to share. A cool, yet hard exterior that also is perfect launch for NO SHAVE NOVEMBER! So, without many more words of praise from us; we’ll let you discover what we did when we selected the men to be featured in this issue.

1. Who is Christopher Krynauw? In a word, who are you? In a description, what are you and who are you trying to become?  Answer: I went and asked the people closest to me to help me with this one, as I have a whole dictionary on what I think….haha; so here is what they said : “Dedicated”… I am not the kind of person who tells you ‘I’m going to do this and do that’ I am the kind of person who gets shit done and then talk about it. I get the t-shirt and then show it off.  I am trying to become the best I can be. I love bodybuilding and fitness. It is my life and my love. I may not have the best genetics like most of the pros do, but I can promise I am the one who works the hardest and there is nothing I would not do to be the best.


2. What is male perfection to you?

Answer: I think the perfect male is someone works on himself every day, to become a better version of themselves; better than they were yesterday, not just physically, but mentally. Because an intelligent man is much more sexier….haha. So, he must have perfect symmetry of his body – wide shoulders, small waist, a set of abs and a tight butt, his calves should be bigger than his biceps, needs to have a well-developed and cut muscles, and have great muscularity overall. He must be intelligent and be able to carry a conversation.

  1. What motivates you to sculpt or “shape the flesh?”

Answer: Perfection… I want to build the perfect body as I envision it. My perfect body, the perfect version of me. I want to be the best. I want to go to the grave knowing I became the best version of Christopher Krynauw, taking no regrets with me. I want to set and leave and example for my children and their generation; that hard work, pays off.

  1. How do you get through negative days and people?

Answer: I focus on my goals. I keep my mind on positive thoughts. Thoughts of victory, thoughts of how I can learn and become better from this experience and how not to be one of those people who bring others down because of their own negativity and self-doubt.

  1. When you look at The David statue, what does Michelangelo’s masterpiece make you think?

Answer: This might have been the first glimpse of what people thought the perfect male looks like, before there were social media and magazines, and this might have inspired those people to become that or to become better than that vision. It might have been the start of chasing the perfect body, or being able to build your vision into a reality. Because that is what a true bodybuilder does, visualize their perfect body and build their own masterpiece.

  1. How does your country or culture treat handsome muscular men into bodybuilding?

Answer: Well from the feedback I have been given, not very good. Most other people feel threatened or the need to compete with someone like, who not only looks awesome; but has a great personality to boost. Someone who works hard in every aspect in his life and never makes excuses of why it can’t be done. They usually only see someone like me in the movies and magazines, but then when they step into my presence; they see this is real. I am not accepted for my hard work and work ethics like you see some of the guys and girls in America or so would be, but instead a need to push me down and bring me to their level and except being mediocre, doing what everyone else is doing, to fall in line with their standards.

  1. How do you deal with “haters?”

Answer: Well the same way I would with negative people and feelings, I would ignore them and focus on my goals. Doing this sets an even bigger fire in my belly as then I will give them more reason to envy and be jealous of me. When someone hates me simply for being me and what I am and what I stand for; I know I am doing it right. I am doing what they can’t or couldn’t, and they hate me for it, for chasing my dreams and not giving in to a settled or mediocre lifestyle.

  1. In the future, when people look at your body in a work of art or photo; what do you think they will say or feel about your hard work in the gym?

 Answer: ‘F@ck that guy looks Awesome… He worked so hard and it shows! He was the BEST… He devoted himself to an idea; and took it to the grave with him.” They will feel urgent to get to the gym and start working towards their perfect body right away, to not settle for an average life or lifestyle but life for something more… To become the best version of themselves…

The staff of would like to thank Christopher Krynauw and his lovely wife Simone for their help in putting together this piece. The staff of both NYC and MILANO offices appreciate your efforts. Your hard work in and out of the gym shows! Please support his projects and especially his lively and very sexy, YOUTUBE channel:

This feature is part of our DAVID ISSUE. Stay tuned for more articles on Christopher and the other MEN that embody the ideals of THE DAVID. THE DAVID is more than a giant naked man statue. It’s about bravery, overcoming obstacles much bigger than you, and beauty of men.









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