CHER: S.O.S (Abba Mix! from Mama Mia!)

57 is proud to present the lovely music of CHER! Cher is a legend, she’s fabulous, she’s Italian, and she’s American. She invented the word DIVA. SO the staff of both our NYC and MILANO offices offer this song to give you a weekend uplift to get us through turbulent waters. Crazy times we live in, eh; as the Canadians say.  Not everything can be FERNADO or even a Mama Mia film. But this month and next is all about people LEARNING. We hope that you LEARN from each other, VS. HATE. So we float on by the Fascist Floats being sported on both sides of the ATLANTIC. Those who favor that style, are soon to find out that it is only a FAD! Believe in love and life, and conquer fear with it. Ciao from MILANO….


**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Hope everyone is having a wonderful start of FALL. Autumn here in Milan is wonderful and we hope to see you here soon! Ciao and big LOVE from MILANO411.COM