CHANNEL TRES LA: Rooftop Bumpin’ House Set


This is one hot dance set. CHANNEL TRES, via the support and patronage of MIXMAG Magazine drops some serious beats and makes you want to move. The mix is political, but not preachy; and talks about issues impacting MEN and the stuff they need to do to be at peace with the world. Perfect for the gym, cardio, or chilling.

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VIDEO: Courtesy of MixMag. Support their projects and DJs. Also, DJ Channel Tres. We love you brother! Ciao…





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Channel Tres spinning house on an LA rooftop for Mixmag x Zalando’s Longest Set of Summer ????
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Channel Tres, DJ and producer, grew up between Compton and Lynwood in California and , is a maestro of movement, whether it’s commanding dancefloors to let loose of their inhibitions or gyrating joyously himself on stage while on tour.