Celtic Winter – Magical Christmas Songs!


Those crazy Celts. They once conquered Milano back in the day. Right after the split of the Roman Empire. A prediction that many Italians have for the United States. It was bad for the Romans when they became two countries. Because the barbarians invaded. For the record the Celts came as craftsman and their work valued, but many ancient Romans (Italians of the day) viewed them the way some Americans view people from Mexico. History is a funny thing. Regardless, enjoy this with your family. It’s all music and no racy stuff inside.

Ciao from MILANO…

Fan Mail:

“Hello, my name is Chuck. I live in AZ with my girl Shayna. We’re thinking about marrying. I wanted to answer your survey. I’m on the mailing list. I like MILANO411 a lot. Shayna and me watch your posts and have started to even like some of the POLITICO ones, although we’re kind of like Trump people, but getting tired of him for now. Your political posts make us think and we laugh. Very funny shit!

Celtic Winter - Magical Christmas Songs! | MILANO411

But back to me. I’m a WM, 27 and she’s 37. Yep…I love me some MILFs! We do your music when we workout, especially cardio. Where do you guys find this stuff? Great shit Bro and what works for me is the diversity. American rap mixed in with Italian pop, fashion music, etc. Shayna loves the Madonna mixes. A lot she never heard of. This thing is nice and it’s nice for me as a man. I didn’t like fashion before because I thought it was G-A-Y. But you guys showed me that a man can do it like the Italians and be down with fashion. I lift religiously and Shayna wants me to model for you. We’re both Mark Scott fans, because he is from OK. Shayna is from Texas. Well..I wanted to share my thoughts. Shayna is half Korean and White, but loves fashion. We want to go to Italy one day. But don’t have the cash now…We’ll see. Thanks for all you do. We’ll keep watching when we do cardio!”

Celtic Winter - Magical Christmas Songs! | MILANO411


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