Cazwell: Cakes

218 is proud to present Cazwell? Who is Cazwell. He is an openly Gay rapper that has grown a huge following over the past several years and now has expanded to two very interesting markets. One is easy to guess. Your girl. Straight ladies who think he’s cute. But the second one will surprise you. It’s STR8 Guys! Get out of here!

He’s crossing over, due to his sexual innuendo that if you just switch the pronoun and laugh along, you’ll have a good time. Also, his stuff is being played at Hip-Hop joints, with dudes asking whether that guy was singing about a girl or not. This is a funny video too. So enjoy it and know you don’t have to be gay to enjoy the genius that is Cazwell. He’s hot and going places. Even if America turns into a fascist pig state, Cazwell will be rapping about MAGA, booty, and pork….Ciao from Milano and NYC!


Let’s make America great again…How?? By laughing, loving, and finding common ground with people that are different then you are. People you wouldn’t eat Thanksgiving with. Maybe there are government conspiracies involving pipes, but we don’t think there the traditional explosives. Ciao from Milano….

Cazwell: Cakes | MILANO411 Cazwell: Cakes | MILANO411




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