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How To Be Strong And Aesthetic Ft. MattDoesFitness

MattDoesFitness gives you a humorous video he did for Rob Lipsett's channel. This is a good routine and funny too.

Nathan Philips (Title To Be Determined)

Intro by Christine Brimaldi (Milan Office) TBD? The short form for the catchphrase To-Be-Determined. To most, this means without form or the final outcome is yet to materialize. Depending on its usage, the term can mean a good one or a negative outcome; or one that has elements of both within...

How To Hit On A Girl At The Gym? 

Dom teaches you how to score with the gym ladies. This video isn’t for everyone and if you are a feminista, you will not probably like it. So our advice is to leave now.

What is Metrosexual?

Steve Cook drops the 411 on what it is to be a Metrosexual. The complex term with a complicated history. » Website COMING SOON: http://www.stevecookhealth.com » Instagram: https://instagram.com/stevecook_32 » Facebook: http://facebook.com/stevecookfitness » Twitter: http://twitter.com/stevecook_32 » Snapchat: SteveCookHealth » Cook Effect: http://www.cookeffect.com » Gymshark 10% off: "STEVECOOK" » FiveFour: http://fivefourclub.com/stevecook

How to Stretch Your Chest

Hot techniques to grow your pecs, the correct way.


with Pietro Boselli and Diego Sechi Pietro Boselli and Diego Sechi, two top Italian fitness guys, work shoulders in the first part of their workout challenge. At 22, Diego is WBFF European Fitness champion in the Tall Class, and a former international Greco-Roman Wrestling champion. Pietro Boselli, 25, is WBFF...