Abel Albonetti’s Ultimate Chest Workout

MILANO411.com presents Abel Albonetti! He drops by this month with a “killer” (read on…)

ATHLEAN-X: The Perfect Chest Workout

ATHLEAN-X™ drops The 411 on growing a nice chest for the holidays. This (read on…)

Alpha Destiny: How I Got Big Legs?

MILANO411.com presents Alpha Destiny with an informative “Ass to the Grass,” lower (read on…)

Anabolic Aliens: Intense 5 Minute @ Home Hip/Glute Workout

MILANO411.com presents Anabolic Aliens! They’re back and had several vids up during (read on…)

Jeff Nippard: How Alcohol Influences Muscle

MILANO411.com presents Jeff Nippard! Jeff reviews what alcohol does to muscle. This (read on…)

Darren Lee Cupp: No Shave November Muscle God!

Darren Lee Cupp is a stud. A man that makes the heads (read on…)

Vince Del Monte: Beginner Leg Workout For MASS!

Beginner Leg Workout For MASS! (THE 4-1-2-1 GIANT SET ROUTINE!) Vince is (read on…)

George Smith: Confessions of a Muscle Model On The Rise!

  George Smith has hit the IG, social media-sphere world like a cement (read on…)

Jens Dalsgaard: Beast Bodybuilder (Happy Halloween!)

Jens Dalsgard defies convention and MILANO411.com loves that. He’s got killer tatts (read on…)

Anthony Defosse: Brutal Fit Viking for Halloween!

MILANO411.com presents its Scary Muscle for 2018. The only thing scared are (read on…)

Michael Giovanni Rivera: The Richest Personal Trainer?

MILANO411.com presents, Michael Giovanni Rivera , for your weekend inspiration. Guys, this guy (read on…)

Damien Patrick: Intense @ Home Shoulder W/O

MILANO411.com presents a great shoulder workout by, Damien Patrick. Damien is more (read on…)

Jens Dalsgaard: The Beast (Chapter 1)

MILANO411.com is proud to present Jens Dalsgaard from Denmark. He’s a monster (read on…)

Maca: Muscle Growth & Great Sex!

MILANO411.com gives you a Maca tutorial! Justin Andras Stikwititfitness drops the 411 on (read on…)

The Benefits of Cold Showers: The Art of Manliness

MILANO411.com presents one of our most favorite channels. It is The Art (read on…)

Best W/O Music Mix – 2018 (Hardcore Rock!)

MILANO411.com presents some hardcore, non-dance music for those who have to be (read on…)

Eddie Active: How to Shock the Chest!

MILANO411.com is proud to present Eddie Active! Eddie produces a great, and (read on…)

Couples Project: Dustin & Mikala…

**MILANO411.com is proud to present our latest ROMANCE FEST for the Halloween (read on…)

GLUTES: Best 5 Butt Exercise’s For Men!

MILANO411.com is proud to present some Glutes Training 101 for Men. Guys, (read on…)

Brady King: The Comeback ep.1

MILANO411 is proud to present a rising star, Mr. Brady King. On (read on…)

Bodybuilder Transformation: Mark Bell

MILANO411.com is proud to present it’s first MUSCLE COURSE for the semester. (read on…)

John Meadows: Bicep Workout for Mass!

MILANO411.com is proud to present John Meadows, or also known as Mountaindog1. (read on…)

Obi Vincent: BACK Workout!

MILANO411.com presents Mr. Obi Vincent, for your Summer of Sci-Fi BACK WORKOUT! (read on…)

Ric Drasin: Liver Pills for Max Gains!

MILANO411 presents some OLD SCHOOL knowledge for NEW AGE or should we (read on…)

Jason Blackburn: Hulk-Smash for a Good Cause!

MILANO411 is proud to give a Muscle Bro shout-out to Mr. Jason (read on…)

Martin Fitzwater: Fitz Fitness YouTube Debut!

MILANO411 drops The 411 on his new YouTube channel and what to (read on…)

Lorenzo Leeuwe: Dutch Monster Shoulders WO!

MILANO411.com has been fans of Lorenzo Leeuwe for a long time. He (read on…)

ATHLEAN-X: Better Chest Workout for the Future

The dumbbell bench press is one of the most classic chest exercises (read on…)

Justin Lovato: Josh Brolin’s Deadpool 2 Workout Explained

Justin Lovato gives a great overview on what turned 50 y/o Josh (read on…)

Thomas DeLauer: Fish Oil 101 (Summer of Sci-Fi Science!)

What Thomas Knows (Good Stuff!)????? How Omega 3 Helps Build Muscle: Increase (read on…)

James Grage: The Complete Leg Workout!

Here’s your complete A-to-Z leg workout routine for building bigger and stronger (read on…)

Anabolic Aliens: Intense 5 Minute Dumbbell Bicep Workout

MILANO411 is proud to present a MUSCLE Column, SUMMER OF SCI-FI FAVORITE! (read on…)

Kziac Denis: French Power & Pride!

We find ourselves in a strange, yet fun place for the summer (read on…)

How to Deal with Anxiety: Dr. Christian Conte

MILANO411 is proud to present this wonderful video from Dr. Christian Conte. (read on…)

The Proud David: Alarcon David – Photo Essay

A man is a proud creation of God or the Universe, or (read on…)

JAIRWOO: The Ultimate Glute Workout! (Leg & Glute Routine)

JAIRWOO drops The 411 on how to get BOOTY this summer. What (read on…)

Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance

When it comes time to select people that the magazine wants to (read on…)

The David is Enzo Natale (Italy)

Summer is here! We drop winter like last season’s bad fashions. MILANO411 (read on…)

The David is Barney Xavier (Brazil)

Say hello to Barney Xavier. Barney is a BBr from Brazil and (read on…)

RyanJTerry: Mass Building Shoulder Workout!

MILANO411 recommends this great vid to build up your shoulders. Boulder shoulders (read on…)

Jim Stoppani: HIIT Swimming

Swimming for Muscle.  Is that an ad for hookups for sex? Is (read on…)

Mike Thurston: Full Biceps & Triceps Workout For Bigger Arms

MILANO411 knows the future of the males of our species is definitely (read on…)

Anabolic Aliens: Intense Tabata Dumbbell Chest Workout

Mike Rosa and his BROs put together a great channel, full of (read on…)

AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son!

Father’s Day is here. And, the MILANO411 staff is busy! Doing promos, (read on…)

Full Leg Workout (Stop Skipping These Exercises!)

SUMMER OF SCI-FI…..Legs will be needed to run away. Run away from (read on…)

Muscle Daddy: Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

Who’s your daddy? A term that has sometimes sexual connotations. MILANO411 says (read on…)

B.U.F.F. Dudes: Home Chest Workout for Dads!

Happy Father’s Day Weekend – GUYS! Well….you’re at the gym and all (read on…)

✭ MIKE MENTZER ✭ – Golden Era Aesthetics for The Future!

This Summer of Sci-Fi treat for your ears. A blast from the (read on…)


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