DUBAI: Sustainable City

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! – www.MILANO411.com Come to DUBAI in the Middle (read on…)

Transformer Furniture: Apt. of the Future

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! This could be the apartment of your dreams. (read on…)

15 Houses for The Future

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019 – www.MILANO411.com This is a great list full (read on…)

COVER: Houses for the Future!

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! – This company is the FUTURE. They are (read on…)

Dome Home in Mexico

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: Reduced, reuse, and recycle! This can be our future. (read on…)

Wikkelhouse: From the Netherlands!

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! This house is so cute and sustainable. Need (read on…)


SUMMER OF SCI-FI 2019! – DESIGN…. Want to look like you live (read on…)

A Mini-Castle in the UK: Saved From Ruins!

THE DAVID ISSUE 2019 is about the need for a New Renaissance, (read on…)

Babcock Ranch: Can an entire town go solar?

MILANO411.com presents Babcock Ranch! No..it isn’t a porno movie. Nor is it (read on…)

Gucci/Art Inspired Brooklyn Townhouse (James & Mark)

MILANO411.com is proud to present this wonderful design gem, to you; our readers (read on…)

Walter Hood: Urban Spaces Preserve Community!

MILANO411.com ASKS?: How urban spaces can preserve history and build community? Can (read on…)

David Lais: How Mod Tech Can Make Society Sustainable?

MILANO411.com presents Professor David Lais! Well he’s not really a professor, but (read on…)

NZ Couple Build Tiny House: Living Big In Retirement!

MILANO411 loves Tiny Houses! Why, gives people of all ages money to (read on…)

PreFab is the Future: Cheap & Chic!

  Watching a modern prefabricated home come together is an incredibly visual (read on…)

Kai-Fu Lee: “Why I find Westworld so scary!”

Kai-Fu Lee is China’s most famous venture capitalist, the former CEO of (read on…)

2018 DUCATI Panigale V4! (By SnewJ)

The 411 on Ducati design is brought out in full force for (read on…)

When Artists meet Scientists: The Imaginerium of Technology | Barmak Heshmat

This is a good post to fill those brain cells and soul (read on…)

Alien Covenant: Artist Khang Le’s Unused Concept Art

MILANO411 staff are big fans of concept art. Concept art forms the (read on…)

In Residence: Mattia Bonetti

This is a video that is dear to our heart. In a season (read on…)

Shanghai – The Bund Finance Centre

Shanghai – China…home of The Bund Finance Centre. A structure that is (read on…)

The Future of Sex

A great video essay (short too!) on the future of sex. Discusses (read on…)

7 Insane Sci-Fi Tech that Actually Exist

The future is here now! Checkout these very real developments in tech, (read on…)

Japanese Robots

Is Japan, Italy’s and America’s future? The world too. They love robots (read on…)

Apis Cor – The World’s First 3D-Printed House

San Francisco-based start-up Apis Cor have been working for a solution to (read on…)

Art Garden – Organic & Cheap!

Checkout: http://artgardenllc.wixsite.com/artgarden/d-lets-talk Benjamin Staffeldt grew up on a farm and works in (read on…)

2017 Ducati 1299 Superleggera

This great video is provided courtesy of MotorCycleTube. Links below. But they (read on…)

Summit Haus

The Summit Haus is one of the most energy efficient homes in (read on…)

Urban Farming 101 – Singapore

Say hello to Sky Greens! What are they? Food grown on urban (read on…)

Designing Valley of The Dolls – The Genius of Travilla

Valley Of The Dolls is considered either a national disaster or a (read on…)

Moschino Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse

The doll to have for those who love the fabulous life and (read on…)


Watch the Versace creative team do a fun photoshoot, mixing menswear with (read on…)

Fendi Ginza Pop-Up Boutique Opening Event

Checkout Fendi’s new store in Tokyo.

“Discover Trussardi Casa” by Tamu McPherson

Trussardi presents its new Trussardi Casa collection through the personal recollections of (read on…)

Versace Home 2015 – La Coupe Des Dieux

The new Versace Home collection echoes the elegance of art nouveau design, (read on…)

Historic Homes of Milan, Indiana

The Hoosiers have done it again. Some how they’ve maintained their down-home, (read on…)

Armani/Silos – The Making of

This wonderful clip shows the construction and outfitting of Giorgio Armani’s museum (read on…)

Armani/Casa – Interior Design Studio Projects

Two words. Giorgio Armani. Nothing else really says anymore, if you want (read on…)

Distinta Breakfast Collection by De’Longhi

Distinta, born from De’Longhi technology and skills, is the collection that embodies (read on…)

De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite – Unique. Like your Taste…

A perfect combination of dynamic design, state-of-the-art coffee technology and easiness of (read on…)

De’Longhi, Multifry – Il Multicooker

De’Longhi, Multifry – Il Multicooker is the must have Italian appliance for (read on…)

The Expanse (on Syfy)

MILANO411 has a soft spot for all things sci-fi. Most of our (read on…)

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field: Japan Redefines Beauty…

Japan does it again. After having one of the best expo pavillions (read on…)

Italian Designer Cars (Favoloso!)

The history of Italian design in the world’s most famous sports cars. (read on…)

Alberto Alessi: What defines Italian design?

Grandson to the founder of the now-famous Italian design factory, Alberto Alessi (read on…)

Bosco Verticale – Trees In The Sky (A vertical forest in Milan)

Architect Stefano Boeri giving a speech at a recent TED conference. TED (read on…)

Milan 2015: City of the Future

A video by: Fabio Palmieri Music by: Isan – Remigo Final Quote: (read on…)


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