[su_expand link_color=”#d806cf” link_style=”button” background_color=”#000000″ more_icon=”icon: child”]Welcome LADIES! This section is for you and all your Femme Fatale needs. In Italiano, there is a saying. It goes:  “Onesta con gentilezza, supera ogni bellezza.”  In English: “Honesty and kindness, is superior to every kind of beauty.”

The 411 here is a section for 4LADIES and by women. A section that is a bit naughty and at times feminist. But with regards that women want to look at sexy pics of hot men too. Men all of all types of masculine beauty. Not just the fashionista set with photo-shopped abs more appropriate for the next sequel of the 300 movie franchise or another section within this Lifestyles section. Rather we want to see men with heart, men with tatts, men with body hair (Yeah!). Men who are heroes and a place where ladies can show off their studs du jour and sexy husbands. The goal is never to tease, but rather inspire. Plus, a continuation of our Diva Definition. A woman is also beautiful if she possesses a mind and her mind is her sexiest feature.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Please feel free to submit pics of your man or if you are a single guy that women always checkout, e-mail us and put 4LADIES Model in the subject: INFO@MILANO411.COM

Bloggers: Are you a female blogger or a women’s speakers on subjects like career or legitimate financial planning (i.e., Suze Orman); feel free to contact us about doing a post on you, your book, or interview. Don’t let the “half-naked,” men keep you from reaching women 18 to 35 and who are starting out in life. Also, we have a sizeable 40 and above group too. A great space to get people’s attention.  E-mail us at: info@milano411.com[/su_expand]

Kate Devlin: Sex Robots – The truth behind the headlines!

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! – www.MILANO411.com Kate Devlin drops The 411 on (read on…)

Summer of Sci-Fi: Shirtless Chris Evans

SUMMER OF  SCI-FI: 2019! – www.MILANO411.com Some P&A (Pecs & Ass) for (read on…)

4LADIES: How to build an amazing butt!

SUMMER OF SCI-FI: 2019! – www.MILANO411.com LADIES…..Want to “grow that peach” for (read on…)

DIVAS: Top 10 Best Summer Perfumes for Women 2019

www.MILANO411.com Jeremy drops The 411 on what is good for LADIES this (read on…)

Pam Costa: Reclaiming Female Sexual Desire

MILANO411.com proudly presents Pam Costa, from TEDx talk from PaloAlto, CA, USA! (read on…)

Kinga Stanislawska: Journey of a Polish Female Entrepreneur

Kinga Stanislawska drops The 411 on how to make it as a (read on…)

Halloween Man: Michael Lowe…

Michael Lowe is back with a Halloween treat, perfect for both the (read on…)

Michael Lowe: Happy 4th of July!!! (w/Polo)

FOR WOMEN: Ladies, females, DIVAS (purposely written in all caps), Sistas, Redneck (read on…)

Sci-Fi Look: Juan Gabriel (T800?)

The Summer of Sci-Fi is launched like a battle cruiser, ready to (read on…)

The MILANO David (4Ladies): Rocky Santos

Ladies (and those who admire Muscle!), say hello to MILAN’s own Rocky (read on…)

The Flava of Alexander Fava! (From Spain)

  FOR LADIES: Ladies, we bring you a spicy treat from the (read on…)

Michael Lowe for Versace – DylanBlue Cologne!

Hello Ladies. The holidays are here and ginger and spice; always make (read on…)

Mark Scott: Sexy Man for 2018 & More…

For our 4LADIES stud, Mark Scott, we have a holiday poem. For (read on…)

No Sex Marriage – Masturbation, Loneliness, Cheating and Shame

Love? Marriage? Sex? Can a married couple have all three? Perhaps it’s (read on…)

Sajad Niknam (Guess My Country?)

By Lori Biaggi Hot..and more hot. School’s back in session ladies. Or (read on…)

Sex Dolls 4 Women: A SLUTEVER Review & Essay

SLUTEVER, gave this great review of the world’s only maker of male (read on…)

Wife Swap – Sue Storm and Mrs. Average

What happens when superheroes switch lives with normal people? Well, shit happens (read on…)

Feminist Review: Planet Earth

Going Rampant does a wonderful counterpoint to our Muscle Style Menswear essay (read on…)

Georges Kayal (Viva La France!)

Ladies, say hello to Georges (also known as Giorgi). He’s a French (read on…)

FOFB Hunk! – Paulo Cesar Diniz

Hello ladies. Hope you’re staying cool this summer. If not, we suggest (read on…)

FOFB Hunk! – Stephen Bovey

Happy 4th of July to our readers in the USA. Well ladies, (read on…)

Getting the Right Date…

Ruby Le drops The 411 down for ladies on how to properly (read on…)

Alessandro Niccoli – ITALY!

By Grace Woods Italian Stallion is so old school, but always in (read on…)

Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships | Joanne Davila

Hello ladies.  We wanted to drop The 411 on some mental muscle (read on…)

Merry “Michael Lowe” Xmas!

Merry “Michael Lowe” Xmas! Single hunk and all-time MILANO411 favorite stud has (read on…)


You are what you eat, on a cellular and a spiritual level. (read on…)

What Makes Men Stop Chasing You (DON’T Do Things Things!)

Hey guys, Amy here. Now that we’ve covered some myths about men (read on…)

Meet the ‘Man Servants’ You Can Now Hire to Get Over Your Ex

Professional People is a new Broadly series that examines the business of (read on…)

How 2 Get a Man 2 Commit?

 Ms. Harris of the Total Love Makeover, drops The 411 on how (read on…)

Martynas Cizauskas (Euro Hunk!)

Ladies, say hello to Martynas from Ireland (via Lithuania). He’s whole lot of sexy (read on…)

Magic Michael: Over 40 and Sexy!

By Mia Sollogari Let’s face it ladies. Masculine men, with good hearts (read on…)

Dustin Haugh

By: Christine Davis Get ready to salute, ladies! Say hello to sexy (read on…)

Down-Aging Diva: Ernestine Shepherd

By Theresa Monti: Never too old to get JACK’D! This video and (read on…)

Salve! Lele: Hottest Personal Trainer in Italy!

By Laura Fabbri Checkout who we found on Facebook this week. Lele (read on…)

Indian Summer: Mr. Rahul Kadam

By Laura Fabbri Rahul Kadam drops by and shows the lovely female (read on…)

The person you really need to marry | Tracy McMillan | TEDxOlympicBlvdWomen

Tracy McMillan is a television writer (Mad Men, United States of Tara) (read on…)

TBF Muscle Shower Flex

Muscles, bedroom eyes, and a furry reminder ladies that winter is over, (read on…)


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