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You’ve seen the pics before. A man who is built in the dimensions of a God. With the blessing of Zeus and a body that is straight from Mt. Olympus. Sometimes covered with Herculean hair that makes women wish he was single, other BROs jealous or just having brotherly envy; and putting hardcore muscle fans into a sometimes heated frenzy. Tissues are only needed, because you’re crying tears of wishful thinking that states:

“Why not me…why don’t I look like that?”

You’ve heard all that before and MILANO411 is here to tell you the answer to the question above, for those in the dark and don’t know the 411 on Caleb Blanchard and what he is all about. The answer, that isn’t an enigma is:

“Get off your fat ass and go to a gym! Do the work like Caleb did!”

Our apologies if we’re being harsh, but a physique like his is a thing that is to be celebrated and made more for inspiration.

Caleb Blanchard: Multidimensional Muscle... | MILANO411Caleb Blanchard is many things. He’s a self made man, who has defied the odds of life and come out on top. Taking lemons and turning them into big biceps and a cobra back, that invites a zoology to dare to study him as specimen of what male perfection can be. Preaching a winning formula in and out of the gym, and wanting to help others. For years, many may have seen photos on the web and wondered what lies behind the smile and huge chest with pecs that are 100% real and no Photoshop either. Caleb doesn’t need “airbrushing,” and his hard work puts photo-retouchers and other fashionista computer types out of work.

For our 2.0 or 2 year issue, we surveyed readers of the magazine and asked them who they most wanted to hear something about and talk too. One name came up on the top of the list. No. 2, sad to say, passed too soon this year. We asked readers in our summer survey to give us words that describe Caleb and the list was long. It included: Strong, Dedicated, Sexy, Fucking Sexy, Inspirational, Can’t Be Real, I Wish I Looked Like Him, Outstanding, Should Be A Model, My Bro, I Want 2 Hang With Him (I’m not Gay), Too Sexy, Love the Chest, Beautiful Eyes, Wish He Was Single, His Wife is So Lucky, I Will Be Reincarnated Like Him in the Next Life, and saving the best for last (from a 45 y/o recently divorced woman and fan of the magazine from St. Louis):

“If I could turn myself into a mosquito, I would land on Caleb Blanchard and take a bite!”

Caleb Blanchard: Multidimensional Muscle... | MILANO411So all this and more describes, Caleb Blanchard and without much adieu or BS, we reached out to him and asked would he be the MILANO411 2.0 Anniversary Interview. The answer was yes and we got The 411 from him this month. Although the fan mail of a woman in the Midwest (probably a little sex-starved) was the “clincher” for us. We had one more from a 23 y/o BB (Bodybuilder) from Canada. His answer:

“I’m a fan! This is the baddest mutha f_cker in the world. I think it would be a great story for you guys. For the record, not gay, just a BRO who lifts and wants to turn my Wookie powerlifter ass into an A-Game physique that Mr. Blanchard has.”

So there you have it, from both sides of the aisle (men and women); there is strong interest in Caleb Blanchard and people wanted to know what was behind the muscle. So we asked him, he said yes, and the rest is below and very impressive. We feel Caleb is on his way to bigger and better things and his story definitely needed to grace our MILANO411 Interviews, with the likes of Giorgio Armani, Beyoncé, and Donatella Versace.

A Snapshot of Caleb Blanchard (Interview Below):

205 Comp Weight
235 Off Season
When did he start bodybuilding?: 14 years
Location: Baton Rouge LA


Caleb Blanchard: Multidimensional Muscle... | MILANO411Caleb has just embarked on fitness modeling with CR2 Talent and has been exceedingly well received. He is in high demand among the top fitness photographers as well. His plans are to explore more commercial opportunities and sponsorships. He has already modeled for Bang Apparel and Danny Miami swimwear/underwear.

Caleb has already appeared in several HBO movies and will be pursuing more theatrical opportunities. Most notable appearance was in the movie Kickboxer Vengeance and an HBO crime series.

Caleb is both an in person and online personal trainer and competition coach.

Caleb is a good old southern Louisiana man, soulful “Old School” in behavior. He is a very low key not easily flappable guy. However, his physical power and demeanor can be unstoppable. Tough as nails as necessary.

He has worked in the oil fields of Lafayette, LA (Louisiana) in addition to his athletic endeavors. So he isn’t afraid of hard work or getting his hands dirty. He is a father of 3 children 2 girls and a boy. He is married to Jordan Blanchard who is also a bikini competitor.


1. Who is Caleb Blanchard trying to be?

Although most come to know me as a professional bodybuilder, I am far more multidimensional than that. I am an all-around athlete, a professional athletic coach, and trainer. I am also an up and coming actor using my physical presence to obtain suitable roles. I have already appeared in two movies and have been asked to audition for several more movies and TV commercials. Unknowingly I have become a sex symbol, (so I am told) as well with a fast growing audience of fans who love my unshaved alpha tough guy look and appeal.

2. What does being a bodybuilder mean to you? Do you like to be called that?

I have always been a physically powered guy having developed my size and strength working the oil fields off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s hard, tough, and physically demanding work. I saw early on that my body responded to hard work leading to more time in the gym developing my physique, sculpting it you might say. My body responds well to intense training and my symmetry and proportions allowed me to compete in bodybuilding at a high level. I love the challenge of the gym environment. I also love displaying my hard work. I have no problem being called a bodybuilder, but I am doing so much more with my life, especially making a big difference in the lives of others whom I train and coach. I see being a bodybuilder as a “body sculptor” mixed with being a “power athlete.”

3. How did you get started and why?

I started my bodybuilding career at the young age of 14. My mother is responsible for helping me obtain my first gym membership. As a youth I participated in various sports such as baseball, roller hockey, and football. But physically speaking I was behind the curb in strength and overall power early on, and after having a life threatening experience I was determined to change that dynamic. She actually found me in my back yard doing various exercises from abandoned gym equipment I had gathered from our neighborhood. It was a true turning point in my life. She had the sense and ability to recognize I needed a healthy outlet to express myself and not long after obtaining this gym membership together, we were dominating bench press competitions and I entered my first bodybuilding contest at 18.

4. Describe your weekly workout?

My weekly workouts vary depending on scheduling. Typically a four (4) to five (5) day week with a primary muscle group and an auxiliary touch up.

5. What is your diet like?

Diet is very religious for me. I eat 50g egg whites and 60 to 80 g of carbs from oats or cream of wheat every morning. Several chicken or turkey with jasmine rice and green vegetables throughout the day. A post workout shake. Lean meat or eggs with green vegetables before bed. A midnight shake to stay anabolic in the weee hrs. in the night.

6. Advice for food shopping for BROs on a budget?

People make dieting seem strenuous, but in reality it is no more expensive then a typical food budget of the average person, if you use a Sam’s Wholesale Club or Costco membership where you shop in bulk you can in fact save money. Bulk chicken ground turkey tuna rice potatoes and vegetables are no more expensive then the typical consumption of fast-food the of the average American consumer.

7. Do you personal train (PT) and what advice do you give to clients fighting obesity?

I train several clients battling obesity; the best advice I can give to any one is change your mentality. Where the mind goes the body follows. Most people typically have a negative mindset when it comes to there self image. You must start with positive reinforcement. Speaking and thinking positively to ones self, and creating a positive environment in day to day life.

8. What advice would you give guys who want to get into building a successful PT (Personal Training) business, like yourself?

Think bigger then just the bodybuilding stage. Technology has given us a very broad platform to reach others and express yourself. Find a niche and make yourself available/vulnerable to some extent so that others can find common ground and relate to you. Always surround yourself with positive people whom are successful and promote growth.

9. What is your favorite PT client to have?

In terms of attitude.
Positivity and methodical is always the top client. When a client gives you there undivided trust and attention, the rate of success is always much higher.

10. What’s your favorite type of photoshoot to do as a muscle model?

My favorite shoots are in exotic places I’ve never seen before. I am certainly a geographical explorer and I love nature!

I like the variety of photoshoots that I have been able to participate in. Shredded competition mode to fuller, off season bigger and unshaven. Different photographers bring out different looks in me and I keep discovering things about myself as my experience as a photographic subject increase. Showcasing my body when it is in competition mode allows me to document my hard work chiseling out every muscle to near perfection. The photos capture that point and time since staying that ripped and lean is not easy to do or healthy.

11. What are your future goals in terms of modeling?

My future goals for modeling are creating a more masculine dynamic and featuring or bringing back so to speak the tough rugged persona that once captivated the eye and hearts of the masses. Since getting representation with CR2 Talent Miami, my options have expanded and I am in more demand as a fitness model than ever before. I look forward to generating income from this aspect of my career as paid gigs are beginning to be offered to me and photographers around the world have asked me to shoot with them. Very grateful for these opportunities. I am excited about commercial gigs like print advertisements that would feature me especially in my off-season very hyper-masculine look. I am also looking forward to working with clothing companies that feature more athletic people who have worked hard to cultivate an ideal physique. I am anxious to explore all the options coming my way given all the hard work I have put into creating this look and body.

12. Rich Piana’s life and death? Comments? Thoughts? Warnings?

I didn’t personally know Rich but from what I do know of the source I’m in contact with, whom were close to him. His death did not come as a shock to me. Very often you here what people claim to be steroid related deaths. These stories often exclude the abusive and addictive relationships these celebrities have with much more dangerous substances. I do not wish to belittle him as a person or any of his accomplishments but I think it is blatantly obvious that many of these people have substance abuse issues and very addictive personality traits.

13. What type of form or body are you planning on growing or shaping for 2018?

My goal is to bring my best ever conditioning at 210lbs come June to the 2018 Dallas Europa. I won this contest as an amateur and would love to solidify an Olympia bid here for father’s day.

14. Competition plans? And do you like to compete?

See above

15. What type of music do you listen to when you workout?

I listen to a lot of high intensity rock and Endo Trance. Some very hardcore gangster rap, that is produced locally. Or even motivational pod cast, if I’m in that type of mood.

16. How do you deal with negative comments about being a Beefcake or Muscle Model? For example, other guys at the gym or trolls online saying it’s gay to do that type of modeling?

Maybe because of my size and perceived demeanor as a no nonsense tough guy, few people ever direct such type of comments to me through social media or in person. I think people see me as the athlete I am, a bigger guy who has come about this look the hard way with hard training and my work in the oil fields and don’t see me like some models that strictly build their bodies in the gym and stay slick and shaven all the time. And, if negativity comes my way, I ignore it. I am very secure and happy with myself and the small support group that I include in my life, that type of stuff has virtually no impact on me. Having the right people in your life makes all the crap and drama seem meaningless and sad.

To Learn More On Caleb, Please Go To:

Caleb’s Instagram: IG @Cblanchardofficial
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For Modeling: CR2 Talent Miami


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