Britain’s Steroid Epidemic?


It’s currently estimated there are around 60,000 steroid users in the UK. Unofficially — it’s thought to be closer to a million. Amidst a continually rising steroid culture, Men’s Health UK explores what this could be mean for the average gym-goer, how (if at all) it could be prevented and the varying dangers of juicing.

MILANO411 likes this video for showing how a legal above ground trade in GEAR, that ain’t fashion. It explores who’s the changing user in the UK. But at the same time, it gives propaganda and the “scared tactics” too. You know, the guy who’s doing 5000 miligrams of test and dies or can’t have babies. As Facebook is a good example, you see a lot of pumped guys and they’re bouncing babies. We suggest doing it responsibly, don’t believe the hype, and research and of course; do things in moderation. TRT for the older set. Juice Holiday for others and those who are in the underground, should use caution. In our opinion, the best mix is natural with “enhanced.” Get tests and keep organized. Keep a journal of what is going inside you. judgements from us. We don’t care how you get the muscle, just get it for the women or men (all welcomed), yourself, your friends, your career, and most importantly; your life. It’s yours…make it happen.

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