Brady King: The Comeback ep.1


MILANO411 is proud to present a rising star, Mr. Brady King. On top of being handsome with model good looks; Brady has a killer physique from hardcore training in the gym and a beautiful and devoted woman; as the best menswear accessory to have this season or any in the future. 

Brady King: The Comeback ep.1 | MILANO411

In this video he explains the rigors of training following an accident. This is an intense, post wheelchair injury shoulder workout that is sure to inspire those who have had a temporary health injury fall; that has prevented them from going to the gym. He also talks about battling depression and other feelings of low self-worth and he conquered this with the love of a good woman. Be inspired! Ciao from Milano….



A day in my life at Maximus Fitness. I take you through my shoulder workout and end it off with a posing session with the Legend John Pitsch.

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Brady King: The Comeback ep.1 | MILANO411

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Brady King: The Comeback ep.1 | MILANO411 Brady King: The Comeback ep.1 | MILANO411



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