Black Loops – Edit

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This is a hot trax for the summer and/or just a good laugh at work, or while doing cardio. A very testosterone blast of a music video, that resonates with you after you watch it. One would think it’s only about manly “eye candy,” yet there is more going on here for the viewer. First it has the feeling of a modern art film and we love fashion or the arts usage of a handsome muscle man.

Ladies, this is a trend that should continue! If you’re a muscle man, it’s time to team up with an artist versus doing the baby oil, du jour muscle worship video that covers the internet like bad makeup. A thought….(Get creative ladies and gentlemen. The future needs your ideas…)

ORDER HERE: https://www.beatport.com/track/edit-no-original-mix/6601432

More Black Loops:https://www.facebook.com/blackloopsitaly/

La musica è la vita! (Music is Life!)


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