BJ Gaddour: The Top 10 Glutes Exercises


The Science of the Bubble Butt is nothing to be laughed at. If you want glutes that will get you into next year’s DAVID ISSUE, this is the video article for you. Video produced professionally and with precision from BJ Gaddour. He’s a pro and cuts no corners with his “cheeky” presentation on how to build that “Peach.” Remember, your glutes are like a man’s power-pack. If built big, they serve a better purpose of helping you grow or maintain more muscle. Thrust-worthy for the bedroom too and for those trying to make a baby, increase your “reproductive capability.” Which means making babies is fun. Also, they look good in any outfit and get the attention of the LADIES. For those who play on the other side of the gym, the guys who like guys too. So they are an eye catching feature of any man’s Gorilla Suit. Ciao from

BJ Gaddour: The Top 10 Glutes Exercises | MILANO411




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