BIGGER: The Movie!

177 is proud to present a movie that is superb and can’t be missed if you wish to learn the secrets and the early history of professional bodybuilding in the early days; created by the Master of the Game, Mr. Joe Weider. This movie will make you laugh, you’ll learn a lot, may get angry, and definitely make some of you feel fat. But one thing it will leave you…is always entertained and wanting to know more about the early days and the discovery of Arnold!

BIGGER: The Movie! | MILANO411

If you’re a bodybuilder, take large groups of friends to this movie. Learn from African-American women who pushed Waiting to Exhale and the Color Purple to the top. If you’re a lifter, and you don’t bring those social media friends to the flick and let distributors not want to make another film about bodybuilding; shame on you. Let’s pull the mask off and show them that muscle guys can act, have something to say, and of course look good without a shirt. The flick also features how Joe Weider, met his wife and the love story.

The production values are nice and the film captures the history of the period correctly and worth seeing. If you don’t see it, buy it or rent it, when the DVD is released. Ciao from Milano….

Gerald Maragos: The Master of the Muscle Renaissance

BIGGER: The Movie! | MILANO411 BIGGER: The Movie! | MILANO411 BIGGER: The Movie! | MILANO411