Benny Benassi: Who’s Your Daddy?



HAPPY FATHER’S DAY GENTLEMEN! This video treat is a remix classic video of Mr. Benny Benassi. All the guys like you on this side of the Atlantic are hitting the beaches with their women, kids, BAEs, etc. This tune is playing in all the clubs!

But to all the father’s that are Single and also those who are in most blessed Marriage, we wish you the best this weekend. May your heart be full of love and memories from the gifts of your children. And if you’re single, may your bedroom look like this video. Remember, wrap your shit up! Unless you’re trying to make a baby. A lot of stuff that you can catch is EVOLVING, due to the MELTING ICECAPS. That means medication-resistant. We’re just dropping The 411 on that, not trying judge, be nasty or scare anybody. Ciao from MILANO….(Try not to have sex with an alien this summer. Not illegal, we’re talking from space BRO!)

FOR LADIES: Clips/links below are for you. Hope you weren’t offended by the clip. Some beefcake to take away the pain. Mix it with Prada or Michael Korrs and you’re good to go! Ciao….

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