BATTLETRUCK: New Zealand Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Dystopia



(“Who’s in charge here?”)

BATTLETRUCK, aka Warlords of the 21st Century (1982), is a New Zealand post-apocalyptic sci-fi action film from the 1980s.  Directed by Harley Cokliss, starring a talented cast consisting of Michael Beck, Annie McEnroe, James Wainwright, John Ratzenberger, and Bruno Lawrence.

Not quite Mad Max, this film still manages to visually entertain with sensational stunts and vivid New Zealand locations. Giving you a vision of the future that isn’t “shiny and beautiful.” Rather gritty, dangerous, and in your face futurism that is scary. We pray this won’t be the future. Human rights are gone, with both the fuel and the environment. 

Are we there now? Almost. Still time to turn us back to UTOPIA, or at least the idea of it. DO YOU CARE??? WE DO! 

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