Battlestar Galactica: Caprica Before The Fall


We have a soft spot for BSG. No, let’s repeat. has a big, giant, grande, totally x-rated, can’t show to your mamma at Thanksgiving or Sunday dinner, you-know-what for BSG! This show took a classic, yet sometimes campy series from the 1970s and revamped it to the max. We’re at the point, that anything can be revamped. So use the BSG reboot as a lesson for your own projects. Don’t let your past be an obstacle. Take control, sit down over a weekend and re-imagine your life. If you do so, we’ll guarantee you’ll jump several light years forward. Ciao from Milano….

Hope everyone is having a Happy Summer of Sci-Fi…Make your future, your OWN!

Battlestar Galactica: Caprica Before The Fall | MILANO411


Caprica is the place that we wish we could be. The art direction that created the city-scapes for this under appreciated series (both BSG and Caprica), is truly a work of art and not to be missed. It’s actually very similar to a fashion capital, located in Italy at the base of the Alps. Hmmmm……Ciao

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