Balmain Menswear Fall/Winter 2018-2019 (Men & Women)


In YEAR 2145, you’ll be quite different than you are today and Balmain is sure got your look covered. Balmain is a high-end Parisian house, but shows some fashion trends that are superb and we know it will make others Fade to Balmain. The look is futuristic without being tacky or overdone. The fabrics are pure luxury with a use of what we would call for the Summer of Sci-fi to be three dominant looks. They are:

  1. Dune Black
  2. Matrix Black
  3. Matrix Cream and Gold

Yes, we compared this question to two famous sci-fi movies. Both Dune and The Matrix. The dresses for women are sexy, beyond belief. The sweaters for men are hot, but we wish Balmain would put some muscle on the runway. His male models need to eat something.

Ciao from Milano…

Balmain doing The Matrix look and pulling inspiration from The Merovingian.

The second look for Balmain’s collection, is without question, the film Dune. The 1984 version of course. The Guild are not playing in any shape of the word, with their use of latex and leather inspired fabrics. The Spice must flow….

Bebe Rexha: Ferrari



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