B.U.F.F. Dudes: Home Chest Workout for Dads!


Happy Father’s Day Weekend – GUYS!

Well….you’re at the gym and all is going well. You, your BROs, the pumps. But wait…a meteor strikes Earth and you can’t go. Alien bugs attack and you can’t go. Zombies. Did you say zombies, man?

YES we did! MILANO411 presents what “our little birds,” heard at an East Coast gym.

Muscle Daddy: “I heard a tale of guy getting a blowjob from one of those zombies. Man, he’s in the hospital now. That’s fucked!”

Spotter: “He didn’t turn into a zombie?”

Muscle Daddy: “No man, he got the shot, made by the aliens! He didn’t turn.”

Spotter: “Get the fuck out of here! They got a shot for that shit!”

Muscle Daddy: “Yeah man! It came from that crash in Roswell, back in the 1950s. So did the microwave, the Internet, sex robots, and a whole lot of other shit.”

Spotter: “Dayum! I thought Donald Trump invented the Internet.”

Muscle Daddy: “No man, he stole it from Obama. I’m pretty sure he stole it from them aliens in Roswell.”

Well..you know the dialogue and the score. Sometimes a Muscle Daddy can’t make it to the gym. Wife needs the kids picked up. She asked for both the house and the garage to be cleaned. No problem, our Muscle Daddies always figure it out. Or is a problem with your gym. Too many young dudes fucking around. Or you workout at the gym that says, “No grunting please!” Or, you owe a guy some money (that’s your problem BRO). Or, maybe some of the so-called married men with wedding rings, sit too close in the sauna and say things like; “You have pretty eyes and a cute butt.” No judgements from us, and have a happy Pride Month, but I’m married to a woman BRO and I thought you were too. We got you covered.

Or, maybe money is tighter than a mosquito’s ass and dude has got to make a truck payment. Gas prices have gone up due to something the Fake News ain’t reporting about. No problem.

Tired of the gym, or do you not even have access to one? Then try the B.U.F.F. Dudes Chest Home Workout. This routine is full of exercises which will help you build your Shield! Want the best Home Workout with only one pair of Dumbbells? Well, you got one. Go for it, Dudes!

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