Art Racism Towards Africans: Western Reactions to Benin Bronzes



Wonderful essay of the theft of art from Africa. The Benin Bronzes are the spoils of colonial plunder and they now sit on display in London. Nigeria has problems, so probably this is good for now. But people need to discuss the future and what it will bring.

A wonderful essay on the history of BENIN. Learn the history of Africa, not the ugly stories told by racism. We’re lucky these weren’t destroyed. Benin was an advanced civilization in Western Africa. The fact that they were good at metals and art, was a “thorn in the side,” of British imperialism. Making it hard to justify exploitation and slavery.

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Programme website: David Olusoga discusses Benin bronzes created from the 16th century in West Africa, and how these works of art now reside in the British Museum.

VIDEO: Courtesy of the BBC. Ciao…


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