ARMANI: 2019 Designer of the Year!

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MILANO411.com is proud to present our annual award to one of our most favorite fashion designers and houses; in MILANO. The legendary and iconic, Mr. Giorgio Armani!

Summed up by one word, Armani; and the second being its Gemini twin; PERFECTION. Armani has defined style and what it is to be a fan of Italiano style; yet have a global and cosmopolitan focus. That vision being incredible cut, fabrics, and making clothes that last. Garments that can go into the closet and in 2029 (10 years into the future!); you’ll still be wearing them. Especially if you put the discipline in the kitchen and the gym.

Giorgio Armani is MILANO. To the senior staff of both our NYC and Milano offices, he’s like our site’s Pope or Style Master. He is the master of the style renaissance and has taken his vision to the worlds of Hollywood, casual wear, streetwear (A/X), to accessories, to food, to even his wonderful Hotel Palace on Manzoni Street here in Milano. He’s a genius and it’s our hope to reach; at a minimum, 10%, of his success in the worlds of fashion and the creative arts. Even at that number, you would be cruising with the Gods.

The reasons we chose Armani are many. His look is classic, yet hip. He himself, the man, isn’t a egoist. He has more in common with Leonardo da Vinci or the great il Divino (Michelangelo) than others in his field. In a world being slowly overrun by authoritarian strongmen with fascist-lite tendencies; he’s a man that cares not for foolishness or anger. Rather ignoring critics and pushing his own CODE through the industry. Putting his name on products and knowing that this act alone, means he means business; and the items he manufactures are of the highest quality. We also selected him because of where he is going in 2019. The merging of tech and fashion, which is long overdue and something that is dear to our hearts.  We’ve been asked before why does your fashion magazine devote so much time in the summer to Sci-Fi (science fiction). MILANO411 critics argue isn’t that the “realm of nerds.” Our answer:

“NO…it is the realm of humanity. Because we’re all going to be living in the future one day. Many of the things predicted in the 1960, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s science fiction have come to past. If we took a time machine to the 1950s and told them all the stuff we would have today, they wouldn’t believe you or think you were talking about a movie.” – Kris Milano, Publisher of MILANO411.com…

We feel Armani subscribes to that notion in terms of design and not into fads. Rather playing the “long game,” with all the pieces they make. Knowing that if money is to be dropped for their collections; it should get a lot of mileage. Maybe even be something you leave to relatives or give to them when you’ve ate one too many Italian deserts. MILANO411.com likes where Armani is going, in terms of creating digitized accessories. Doing more capsule collections, to accommodate micro markets and new trends. Looking towards younger creatives to create it’s commercials, etc. Designing accessories that take into account how people interact with their clothes and bags. Being an asset, versus just another branded good or walking billboard for his name going down the street. Giorgio Armani, based in the Great City of Milano dares to look to the future where other iconic brands don’t. Also, through his philanthropic work for charity.

Taking fashion beyond the runway and into a much wider world. A place which we hope you journey with us towards as we enter 2019…

Ciao from MILANO411.com and our staff…..

“People often ask me to work in other areas. This means that people believe in me and my capacity for imagination.” Giorgio Armani….


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