Anthropocene: Official U.S. Trailer


DAVID ISSUE 2019! – Man is changing the planet, and not for the better. We’re entering the age of the Anthropocene. What’s that? It’s like the Jurassic or the other epochs in Earth or Terra-Evolution on the planet. A meteor took out the dinosaurs. Mankind’s love for consumerism and plastics will take us out. We’ve reached a point where our species is radically altering the planet. This is probably the last decade to change things. The environment, evolutionary science, and FACTS are real and not “FAKE NEWS.” If we don’t do little things like bring our own bags (made of renewable materials) to the market for our goods; we’re looking at a dim future for our children and grandchildren. One that will be created by “REAL FACTS” and “REAL DISASTER.” Don’t let ignorant politicians who won’t be here to see the final outcome lead us to that disaster. Ciao from

Anthropocene: Official U.S. Trailer | MILANO411


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