ANCIENTS MONTH: Body Care in Ancient Rome


ANCIENTS MONTH Continues! This is a great lecture, but some of the info. can be questioned. But you learn a lot. The only thing we disagree is with the morning toilet stick. There is too much archaeological evidence concerning this issue..


Personal care in ancient Rome might not everybody’s cup of tea. Some of the practices differ in unexpected ways from modern ideas. So, we have to ask how they did it. Roman body care was in fact quite elaborate and by far not limited to the roman baths which initially might come to mind. This video we look at a Roman Woman’s beauty routine and have a looks at ancient roman Make-up, ancient roman toilet routines, but also at body hair removal, hair styles and face masks in Ancient Rome. Generally, there are many ingredients which were important for a beauty routine in ancient Rome. We usually mention the most likely one and tell you what else could have been used.
In this video we look at ancient roman teeth care, the toilet routine, make-up, face masks and hair styles.

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