ANABOLIC ALIENS: 5 Bodyweight Oblique Exercises for At Home Workouts!


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5 Bodyweight Oblique Exercises for At Home Workouts!

Grow that muscle to fight those aliens. For the Summer of Sci-Fi, we present ANABOLIC ALIENS with one of their incredible and well designed workouts. A workout that gets the job done and get your body ready for anything that comes out of Area 51 or from the skies.

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Official Anabolic Aliens video of: 5 Bodyweight Oblique Exercises for At Home Workouts! Here are 5 bodyweight only oblique exercises to add to your home workout arsenal and maximize your six pack abs without any equipment needed! I go over setup, tips on how to optimally apply tension to your oblique muscles, and give training frequency recommendations. No equipment is not an excuse. Build those obliques right at home getting them core gains out of this world. No limits Aliens, let’s get it!


1. Starfish – 2:14

2. Elevated Penguins – 2:54

3. Side Plank Pulses – 3:28

4. Standing Alternating Side Oblique Crunch – 3:49

5. Legs Extended Twists – 4:27 OFFICIAL ANABOLIC ALIENS WEBSITE: ➢

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