20 presents Pulitzer-prize winning Journalist, Author and Activist Chris Hedges, discusses modern day consumerism, totalitarian corporate power and living in a culture dominated by pervasive illusion. He drops The 411 on where we’re at now, here in America.

It’s so powerful, his essay. He exposes corporatism and it’s relationship with what has been going on for awhile prior to Trumpism; but Trump and the chaos his rhetoric brings is more our fault then his. Maybe? He speaks highly about corporate socialism, not the kind that people who don’t like Bernie Sanders doesn’t even understand. The type that offsets the risk to the general populace; while making obscene profits.

He talks about the Death of Critical Thinking and what this death means to all of us. This is the best 15 minutes you can spend to expand your mind and understanding of our world. Can it be saved? That will be the trick this Halloween season. The treat will be if we can avoid the collapse that he predicts. We must, because he feels the collapse of the Free World will take the whole planet with it. Ciao from Milano…




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