AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son!


Father’s Day is here. And, the MILANO411 staff is busy! Doing promos, answering fan mail, and planning for a FABULOUS and STYLISH future.

MILANO411 wishes all the DADS (Fathers for the proper) a most happy Father’s Day. Stay tuned as more posts come out today and throughout the week. A dad, by definition and nature, should be strong. A role model’s, role model. A template of what his children, especially sons should be. Lastly, he should be macho, loving, thoughtful, and do any thing for his kids. Well, with all this in mind, we couldn’t think of anyone else to choose for our American Dad Award, but Mr. Michael Dunn. Michael fits the bill of what MILANO411 menswear is all about. The Muscle column is an extension of our MILANO411 mantra and editorial for our male readers. That means we want to give you guys the best that Milano style (street and runway) have to offer.

If we could pick up a guy from America and drop him in Milan and he would immediately blend in with the populous; it would be no one other than Michael Dunn. Michael loves his son David immensely and he is the center of his universe. We selected Michael because he has Hollywood casting looks and the charm to go with it. He’s tall and handsome; yet has a down-to-earth quality about him. He’s authentically nice, and has one of the most POSITIVE attitudes we’ve seen from a man in the sometimes illogical social media verse. Michael is a Muscle God that transformed his body from sad and flab, to hot and sexy. A bod to be admired by both men and women.

He’s a single man who ladies can learn about from the interview he did with us for The David Issue. If you’re a Muscle BRO, it’s also a good read to learn how he balances being a great father and looking like a male model. Bodybuilding ain’t easy, and Michael takes care of his incredible son, David too. Fitness model looks meets a Leave It To Beaver dad persona. Michael is an American Classic!

So for the Summer of Sci-Fi, we sat down with Michael Dunn and learned his secrets and he gave us a starship captain’s wisdom. We also included a clip from our favorite captain of the late TV series, Firefly. Michael Dunn definitely reminded us of Mal. Enjoy…

1. What will you do this Father’s Day with your son? I know he will make me something from his heart that I will save forever. As far as what we are doing. Any day with him I cherish and I try to make memories that will last a lifetime.
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
2. How do you balance the gym and being a father? Bodybuilding is almost like a 2nd job for most men. Does David help his Dad with meal prep, etc.? It’s actually not a tough balance at all. My work schedule allows for a good amount of time off. I share custody with his great mom so when I don’t have him I’m going 100% in the gym. But when we are together it’s HIS TIME. I usually meal prep when he is with his mom so we can spend more time together doing what he wants to do.
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
3. What is your favorite thing to do with your son? My favorite thing to do with David is every now and then he will cuddle up next to me and fall asleep. He is like a big teddy bear. But when he is up I love going swimming with him.
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
4. If you wrote a letter to your son and told him to open it when he turns 18, y/o; what would you put in the letter? I would tell him that all the times daddy seemed upset or mad, those were life lessons I tried to teach him at a young age. I would tell him that he is the best thing that ever happened to me and I was grateful for every second we spent together. I’d remind him to be the man I wanted him to be and hoped he learned what to do and not to do, from me.
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
5. Advice for new dads? Be patient. Parenting is not easy. Don’t ever leave their side and always be there for them. I see too many father’s not in their kids life and it is absolutely heartbreaking. 
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
Ok…now that Captain Michael Dunn, dropped The 411 on fatherhood and the Muscle Game; we hope you take his lessons to heart. If we wrote our Dads a letter and they opened it up in the future, it would read:
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
“Dear Dad/Father: Thanks for reading our magazine. You inspire the staff of both of our offices (NYC and Milano) to be better, work harder, have a great body; minus the attitude and to always dream. Dream big, in color, future utopia vs. the same-ole end-of the world crap dystopia. The future is about children. Your children. All our love….MILANO411.COM” – CIAO….
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411
AMERICAN DAD: Michael Dunn & Son! | MILANO411



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