AMERICA Remembers & Honors (911 Memorial)

30 salutes the bravery of the MEN and WOMEN, who gave their lives or were injured trying to help those who were trapped by the Twin Towers. The world will never forget your sacrifice and love. No need for style, when the FABRIC of courage is woven in so tight; nothing can get inside and disturb it. Ciao from Milano…Our office was closed today (in NYC and Milano!)

Gio Benedice….(GOD BLESS!)

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: We’ll have some announcements to make to the world real soon. ALL GOOD, TOO!  AMERICA Remembers & Honors (911 Memorial) | MILANO411But for today, it’s about America and her constant vigilance against those forces who try to clamp down or wipe out freedoms of democratically elected governments worldwide. Mr. Putin you’re not invited, because you wouldn’t understand. Enjoy the day with your boyfriend? – Kris Milano, Publisher of MILANO411.COM…

AMERICA WILL ALWAYS RISE…….(Gio Benedice from Italy!)

AMERICA Remembers & Honors (911 Memorial) | MILANO411___________________________________________________________________

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AMERICA Remembers & Honors (911 Memorial) | MILANO411



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