Alpha Destiny: How I Got Big Legs?

367 presents Alpha Destiny with an informative “Ass to the Grass,” lower body workout that is sure to grow both tree trunk legs and glutes. Will you have a bubble butt after doing this workout for the women? Most definitely. Remember the thicker those muscles, the deeper your thrusts during the act of love making. Pancake Ass doesn’t cut it. So squat and grow.

Ciao from Milano….

About This Video:

I’m Alex from Alpha Destiny!

The ultimate goal of this channel is to help you achieve the body of your dreams, and empower you to live a better life. I have helped thousands of people accomplish their goals and look forward to assisting you as well. Prepare to hear me talk a lot about concurrent periodization, full body workouts, yoke training, health, and special strength training methods. It’s time to make serious gains!

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