ALIEN CODE: Official Trailer Sci-Fi Movie


This is sci-fi that MILANO411 is proud to present for the consumption of adults. Yes, that’s you readers. We love your kids, you love your kids; Trump hates your kids if they’re Mexican. Which is sad, anti-human, anti-compassionate, very ANTI-CHRIST. We’re sure he’s an alien or at a minimum From Russia with No Love! But at the end of the day, regardless of what side of the border you live on; we’re sick of Plastic Toys Sci-Fi. You know without calling out the Merchandise Empire that is from a galaxy far, far, away. In a place called China that makes the plastic figures, etc. We digress, but we hope we gave you some food for thought.

But this flick is a must see about some serious conspiracy theory figures, known as The Men in Black. Not Will Smith. We’re talking aliens. This flick finds a young computer professional hired to decrypt a satellite that the authorities feel is from the future. He discovers such and a whole lot of weirdness happens. This movie is not to be missed. Rent or try to see this limited release indie sci-fi movie right away. It’s very interesting to see a mainstream Hollywood movie cover something from Tin-Foil Land. Students of fashion and life, just note; something that is conspiracy 10 or 20 years in the past, normally becomes mainstream. Interesting…(“Luke…I am you’re father!”)

Ciao from Milano….

Bebe Rexha: Ferrari


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