Alex K: From Russia with Love


By Shawna Reynolds

From Russia with Love & a lot of hours in the gym too. Say hello to Alex K.  A new muscle model sensation on the world scene.  Alex sat down with us to discuss what we already knew and the world, is soon to find out.  What is that?  ANSWER: He’s one hot, fucking Ruskie who got looks and brains.  A macho man with a heart of gold and Euro-Muscle Hunk import to the States.  Very Milano…

1. How many times do you workout?

Great question, but the answer varies per trainer. Well, it all depends on a lot of factors. There are many schools of thought on this issue. But it all depends if I’m doing this for a show or just ongoing training for maintenance. For example, if I prepare to my next show, I normally train 6 times a week. If I feel I’ve over-trained, I train only for 5 days. But usually, 6 is fine for me. For off season, I’m mostly resting and my overall goal is to just keep my body in shape. During this season, I only need to go 4 times per week (on average).

2. How did you get into modeling?

The story is long, with a lot of twists. I’ll start from the beginning. Online, you may see pictures of me when I was younger. Some of them were even taken in Milan (Milano), right in front of the Duomo. One of my favorite places in the Great City. Back then, I always thought that I wanted to have a more massive and muscular physique. My goal was to look like the guys in muscle magazines and warriors from mythology. Because of this need to reshape my body and my life too, I started to train VERY hard to get the results I was looking for and still work hard for today. After a few years, my results started to pay off and I got my first professional shoot with great photography too. After that, I made a decision that modeling was what I wanted to do and I went that direction looking for work. I love modeling.

3. You’re launching your own blog on your site? What will it be about? (Topics?)

Thanks for asking about that Kris. I want it to be very informative and inject something new for those looking to enhance their bodies and lives through training. I want to tell people about my own practice here in LA, the experiences gained from contest prep and the actual competitions themselves. With the goal of giving my clients and readers the same level of intense and goal conscious advice I would give myself or another professional bodybuilder I was training. Other topics will be food prep (healthy foods of course) and the best recipes for a healthy and tasty diet. One that will make you forget about fast food trash, yet at the same time; make a person feel that they’re not on a diet of any kind. Also answering questions too. I want it to be a good resource for people who are ready to make a change and realize that being one of the so-called beautiful people, isn’t hard at all. Hard work in the gym is required. But combined this with some old school discipline, and I can guarantee anyone that they’re going to reach their desired fitness goals.

4. What is your philosophy on personal training? How do you help your clients?

You should focus on your change and work to 150% of your capabilities. Only self-sacrificing will show you what does it mean to be a champion. I always try to be a very nice person, but I tell my clients, you can cry and call your parents, and hate me, but if you still gonna get results; I’ll be happy.

5. Why did you want to become a personal trainer?

To be a trainer this is not a job, but a lifestyle!!! I keep telling it every person I know. I like to help people and see how they change their life and enjoy what they got!! If I feel like I get a “like” to my karma lol

6. Where in Ukraine are you from?

Actually I’m from Russia, and particularly from little town on south of my country which Calls “Orel” or Eagle in English.

7. What other places have you lived in before?

Hmm…good question. I was born in a part of Siberia but my mom didn’t want to stay there too long. And we moved to the Potsdam. That is little city in a Germany. Next stop was the city of Orel where I grew up. Returning there was hard and a big adjustment after living in Germany. Then I moved to Moscow to start my professional career. But I always dreamed about the world famous American Dream and that’s how I decided to leave my country and begin a new life. New York met me and helps me to do first steps and now I fell in love with LA. Los Angeles and all that she represents, is what I’m exactly looking for!

8. When you came here to Milan (Milano), what did you like about the city? Favorite spots?

Oh Milan, is one of the cities I found as one of the most eclectic places in the world. I really love Italy and DEFINITELY wanna see more of her other cities, like Venice, Florence, and Rome. I have some very nice memories as best ice cream, I have ever had and the park where a lot beautiful people plays to each other. But unfortunately I don’t remember the name. I remember the Monumento Cemetery, which looks like a park, versus the final resting place of the dead. And the Duomo! Not Catholic, but I love this church. The roof view was great. And, the shopping. God, the Milanesi people live to shop. Also, there store windows are some of the most beautiful in the world. It’s also the home of Armani, Versace, and D&G. The Galleria too and that great statue of Leonardo da Vinci. A great town and I wish you many lucks with this site. This is a great idea and the lifestyle of Milano is very elegant, yet its style is masculine too. So jock guys from gyms, would like it. Also the Italian women are beautiful and the people are friendly. Gyms nice too. Small of course, like a lot of ones in Europe. But Italian and Greek gyms use space very well. But I do remember the locker room being immaculate. Good times in Italy.


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