ALBERGO DIFFUSO: Italy Retro Tourism!

50 is committed to solutions. LOVE over hate. Moving people TOGETHER, vs. apart. And yes, we have all these great feelings for the world, in these soon-to-past troubled times. If the tea leaves are correct, the FUTURE favors the bold. So in light of that, let’s take a troubled community and do something to save it. More than just writing checks. How about giving people a livelihood and all the comes from the pride of work.

Point camera and thought toward the Italian concept of ALBERGO DIFFUSO! What is it? It’s a new form of socio-eco tourism that saves Italy’s small hill towns that have fallen to age, population decline, and earthquakes. A ground shaker in Milano, no problem. New roads, new buildings, etc. Well, maybe with some drama.

But these towns are historical and some with Roman (ancient) pedigree and others with Medieval. But with all the Game of Thrones fans on Planet Earth, Italy redid these towns with both private and public money. The towns revive old industries, employ and train locals, and many do internships to attract young couples or singles.

Many of these towns sit upon beautiful hills or are in the mountains or on the central plain of the country. They have charm and seduction of Old Italy and for those who don’t want to buy Made-China-Italy that you see in the big stores, this is the place to come. Many are hard to get too, but with the help of the Italian Tourism Ministry or a travel agent that specializes in them, you can do it!

This video is about our favorite. It is, Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Watch the video and be prepared to be seduced! Ciao from MILANO….

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