AFRO-CULTURE MONTH: Women Protesting For Change With Style


AFRO-CULTURE MONTH is in full swing. Thanks for the wonderful fan mail and love. Enjoy these beautiful Women of Color dropping the 411 on what is wrong in our world, in terms of race relations. Sit back, learn, discuss, and try to meet Afro-Peoples and learn from them. Have friendship and serious, non-shouting conversations on race and modern life. Ciao from

VIDEO: Courtesy of the lovely ladies of MadameNoire. Check them out. Ciao.


Nearly two weeks after the murder of George Floyd, protests are still taking place in cities all across America as Black men, women, and children seek to have their voices heard and put an end to police violence. And the work is inciting real change. Curfews were lifted in several cities this past weekend as looting and rioting subsided and officers reported multiple days of peaceful protesting without arrests. This video documents them. 


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