AFRO-CULTURE MONTH: How US schools punish Black kids (different then White ones!)


This is a subject that bothers us deeply. It’s complex. It’s personal. Sometimes the police, aren’t wrong, but they should have done another approach. Also, it’s a big problem of also not having MEN in the classroom. Real, macho men, regardless of sexuality. Men that made students behave. But the racism is there and the tRUmp admin definitely tried to ignore it and make it go away by burying it and surrounding themselves with the “Permission Slip Negroes” who say it’s ok to discriminate. Ciao….

VIDEO: Courtesy of VOX. Ciao…


When it comes to who gets punished and removed from American classrooms, the US doesn’t treat all students equally. Black students get suspended and expelled far more frequently than their white classmates, and often for the same or similar offenses. And the weeks of school that Black kids miss each year can kick off a chain reaction that changes a child’s future. But the US education system gives the American president a tremendous amount of power over public schools. Whoever holds the Presidency decides how schools handle things like testing, class size, and discipline. During the Obama administration, the US Department of Education started to take the country’s school discipline problem seriously. They investigated the schools with significant racial gaps in punishment rates, and issued guidance on how to replace outdated policies with more effective ones. Then Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s education secretary, abandoned those efforts. Trump’s administration stopped releasing discipline data, changed the standard of what constitutes racist outcomes, and scaled back efforts to fix or even acknowledge racial disparities in how we punish kids. In this video we explain the origins of this crisis, and how the 2020 election could change things.