Actress Valerie Harper dies at 80


DIVA….DIVA…Double Diva…

The staff of is sad to see the passing of Valerie Harper, who died at the age of 80. She bravely fought cancer for six years after being diagnosed with a terminal case. She went on to inspire and we leave you with the best of her. She was spunky and her portrayal of Italian-American character Rhoda from the 1970s will always be remembered. What she’s says about the character Rhoda is beautiful. About being a winner, but not always feeling like one. She had a kind heart and our favorite portrayals was when she was on that very funny episode of Sex and The City. Valerie Harper was, in that specific performance and always will be; America’s Mom. We’ll miss you Valerie and many blessings for peace and healing to your family. Also, we’re forever grateful for what you said after the barbaric 911 attacks. NYC needed to hear the love that you gave and made us all proud. Ciao…


On Fatty Foods:

“I don’t why I’m putting this in my mouth. I should apply it directly to my hips!”

On Chocolate Fixing Problems:

“Chocolate can do it all!”

On Her Premature Diagnosis:

“Don’t go to the funeral before the day of the funeral. While your living, live!”


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