Welcome to MILANO411.  All are welcome.

 (TRANSLATION: Benvenuti a MILANO411. Tutti sono i benvenuti.)

Our city, our worldview, our style, our loves, and passions for life are yours for the taking.  MILANO411 is the English-speaking voice and guide to all things Italian and designer.  Not your father’s traditional Italophile online magazine.  Rather we’re the 21st resource or guidebook, for those who don’t want to sacrifice style and design. The lifestyle App that brings it all together for those who like Italian style and want to know more.  For those who know life is more than just going to work or looking at your phone all day.  It’s about a place where art meets function.  A place that expands consciousness and does it in a stylish fashion.  A place that “keeps it real,” but does it with class and educates too.  A virtual Milan, floating into your world and giving you The 411 on everything that’s important to you.  A mag, Vlog, blog, or whatever that is made for both men and women.

FOR MEN: Where macho meets fashion, and doesn’t worry about the BROs and their stupid opinions; nor need for the outdated metrosexual label.  A place where the only label worn by our readers, is Italian and closets are only for clothes, a quiet place to dream, and of course to stache your smokes (pot) and other things that are done on the down low.  Or a place to share your loves and lives and passions.  You are more than the normal social media celebrity wannabe.  You are a human that might be ultrafashionable, yet there’s more to you and what you’re trying to say to the world, past everyone else’s 15 minutes of BS.  You consider yourself an artisan of life, like the Great Artists of the Italian Renaicance, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael; even old man Titian and crazy out of his mind Carravigio.

FOR WOMEN: MILANO411 is a place for the ladies as well.  But we’re accessorized with the social DNA of Ms. Oprah Winfrey.  Empowereing women to make choices beyond what goes down a designer runway.  Knowing that there’s more to the world then makeup and figuring out ways to get a man or keep the one you have.  We feel the most beautiful part of a woman’s body is her mind.  So with that said, if you are a female blogger that fuses both the beauty and the brain into one seamless fabric of life; please e-mail us about writing for us.  We want to be a fashion magazine that gives you the tricks to enhance your feminine wilds, yet doesn’t forget that it’s hard to be a SEXY woman and a lot of DAMN work too.  An online magazine that reflects that you have a mind and want some glamour in your life; without always kicking out big coins from your purse for those designer labels.  One that knows women come on all economic levels.  Rich girls who can afford designer bobbles and ladies just starting out that got the flash, but sometimes low on the cash.  Other priorities like career and health are on your mind, versus what hot today and not hot tomorrow.  You know who you are and you are welcome to walk on the streets of Milan, wherever they are on this chaotic and beautiful planet called Earth.

But we digress, MILANO411 always dares to ask:

What is The 411?

What is hot and Italian; and not sexualy laced dialogue for lost Freudians?  What is style and how can I get it without always breaking my bank account?  This and many more, will be explored here in the months and years ahead.  We are based in Milan and feel the world should know what Great City has to offer and why she’s referred to by the Milanesi, “Milano e un sogno.”  Which means, “Milan is a dream.”  Our editors feel the Milano Story or look translates to a world in desperate need of dreams and beauty.  Beauty that makes no apologies and can be easily incorporated into various lifesftyles and budgets.  We wanted the world to discover us and our look.  To know that Milan is a dynamic city that in the Post-Expo 2015 world has repositioned herself as the premiere fashion and design capital in the world.  God bless and protect Paris, and we have nothing but kisses for NYC Fashion Week; but make no mistake that our focus and love is off the catwalks, store windows, clubs, and showrooms of Milano.  We are the international DJ broadcasting, podcasting, mindlinks, all things Milano. We want you to come visit us or feel free to copy what you like into your world.  Always, knowing that Milan is more than a city in Northern Italy and one of the Italy’s largest.  Milan is a mix of Italian culture, with a more global vision.  In our DNA, we love to mix Italian tradition with modernity.  MILANO411 believes in the 5 Fs of Italy.  They are:

  • Food
  • Fun
  • Fashion
  • Family
  • Friends

Take these 5 elements, and mix them up into your life and always know we’ll be here month-after-month; week-after-week; bringing you the best from The City of Dreams.

Ciao Tutti…(& Come back for more.)

Kris Milano,
Editor-n-Chief, MILANO411

What’s the 411?

ANSWER: Anything that we think is hot.  People, places, ideas, things; that should be on your radar and definitely your phone.  Of course, Italian in design.  And, of course, those things or concepts that embody the spirit, attitude, style, and design of one of the most dynamic capitals of style on Planet Earth.  In our opnion, the best one too (sorry Paris and NYC).

Where: Anywhere & Nowhere…

When: NOW!

Why: Because it was time to remind the world that Milan and Italian style our one and the same. Interchangeable and that Milano had a unique way of looking at the world.  The best way describe our love of this town can be summed up within the 36 Hours in Milano video.  This video, is our commercial. We feel that this one in particular and few others gave people a feel of what we’re about (see links below).

Our Story: Not now.  More on that coming later.  But if you want the 411 on it; it goes something like this.

  1. Bunch of fun creatives from both countries met each other in the 1990s.
  2. Some of the Americans went to a crazy co-op college called Drexel University and another one called Boston University.
  3. They stayed in touch and the Americans had a love for Milano.
  4. One of our Creative Directors, has been coming to Milan since he was 14.  He’s now an old “vampire,” but still looks good and loves Italian style and design.  Now the young man is a writer/artist/fashion designer/poet/philosopher/humanitarian/???.
  5. Factor in drugs, liquor, some bad relationships, and the need to create a lifestyle mag for English speakers on Milan.
  6. Originally she was going to be a boring travel guide. You know the 411 on that, “eat here,” “see historical ruins,” “Milan has fashion;” blah, blah, blah.  Then we said, why not invite the world to come live with us here.
  7. Then the 12 of us realized that Milano was so much more and wanted to share that way of life with you.

The 411 on U:

Men (Uomo): You’re mostly Str8 guys who need the extra sizes the Italian designers give in their menswear range, because you spend a lot of time inside the Palestra (excuse us, GYM).  You got muscle and U want to show it off. U have no time for labels and the Metrosexual one is too Old School.  Too many hours in the gym and sacrifices in the kitchen to be called such, let’s say, “weak sounding” word.  That ain’t you.  You’re not homophobic, because you know gay guys got great style and you borrow it from them to get the girls with them “oninion botties.”  You know the ones.  The Dimes (10 out 10).  More curves than the LA freeway and so hot, makes a gay dude consider playing for the other YOUR team.  Also, labels are for your closets and closets are for clothes.  Real Str8 men dress up for women, and if some guys are gay, so what.  That means more women for you.  You’re confident and want to show off what you got and love Italian design and all in conjures up.  What is that vision? U with the woman of your dreams; eating at a sexy Italian restaurant.  U smelling of Armani, Versace, or D&G and having the underwear to match too.  Also the body to rock them too.  Don’t worry, the fashion show is at your house tonight after dinner.  It is a VIP event only and totally “Privato.”

Female/Donna:  U are more than just makeup.  You have a MIND.  U are or maybe an Undercover Feminist.  You can easily get a man and keep him and control him with your looks.  But you don’t need books, festivals, lectures at university, political marches, nor Birkenstocks to catch one.  U use WMD.  Simply put, Weapons of Mass Desire.  U combine this with your feminine wilds and know that men like women.  That drag queens pay homage to female form for a reason and if a guy can do it, you sure as hell can too and get the man, the ring, the house, and whatever your heart desires.  You are a career woman and know that you need more than lipstick to get to the top.  It ain’t free to look to like a DIVA.  So it is our goal to be more than just runway and glamour, which is always needed. Rather, we want to give women knowledge.  The more knowledge you have the more money you make to buy the bobbles you need to show the world what you’re all about.  U know and we know, that those goodies are always Italian designed.  You have an interest in the fashion capitals, but Milan is dear to your heart.  U like men and muscle ain’t too bad too.  U like your men with shoulders, nice chest, a bubble butt ain’t bad either; and of course the face and bedroom eyes of a movie star.  If he doesn’t look like that, you like a man who can always be a gentlemen and a scholar.  Whose biggest organ isn’t in his sweatpants or his jeans, it’s in his chest and it’s called a HEART.  And knows how to be a warrior and a man in the bedroom. If you’re a Lesbian, you put the L is Lesbian Chic and Girl Glam is the flavor du jour and always Italiano fashion style.  Regardless of labels, you want the 5Fs too:

Food, Friends, Family, Fun, and Fashion…

We call these the 5F/Italia and think their vital to making life worth living.  Italy isn’t perfect, and Milan isn’t a utopia. But Italian style is relaxed and full of a lot of love.  So welcome to Milano.  Dare il benvenuto Milano.  If you don’t speak Italian, no problem, it’s easy to learn and fun too.  We’ll teach U…


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