A Tribute to Prince


Ciao Everyone…It is with great sadness that we at MILANO411 say good-bye to Prince.

The musical genius that defined the word and the term Superstar, can only apply and accurately describe his contributions to the genre known as art (& fashion too). The Maestro of our Age and Arch Duke for The Beautiful Ones. Both our Milan and NYC offices are closed today in honor of this great man.

Really…this post is for today. We do this not to get attention, rather to take pause to honor someone who changed it all. If you love science fiction, you know of the What-If scenario books. What if JFK didn’t die? What if the US lost WW2 (Thank God That Didn’t Happen!), What if the North lost the Civil War? The list is endless. Fans of Prince, think about if the Purple One didn’t exist. That too is a frightening thought.

So with that in mind, let’s make dreams into reality and live for now in a positive way. Let’s create art, love, books, photos, fashion, poems, and even babies (hot sex for single people too). Whatever is positive and full of life and creativity. Take time to pursue your passions now and that is the best tribute to a man that dedicated his life to his music and just being plain funky. So go out today and pursue your dreams with vigor. Don’t worry about the haters.

God Bless Prince & RIP. In Italiano: Chi vive sperando, muore cantando. In English for our English-speaking friends: He who lives with hope dies singing.

PRINCE…You will be missed and were loved by millions. 
From the Staff of MILANO411.com