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MILANO411 Shutdown | MILANO411
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MILANO411 Magazine Shutdown

for immediate release - DECEMBER 2022

With much sadness, we’re shutting down MILANO411. The magazine will be retired to our parent company, ARTandDREAMERS brand portfolio. We’re very proud of all that our publication has achieved over the years. However, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted our business model, beyond repair at this time. At first, we thought our publication would survive the changes since the pandemic started. However, the reality is that it greatly altered fashion and retail, and we were unable to return to our pre-pandemic goals, mission, and vision. Based on this, we leave on a “high note” and with love. We are very grateful for the incredible support from all our readers and fans over the past seven years. Also, the hard work of our creative teams and support staff. Thank you all, for believing in our vision. In honor of this body of work, you can follow us from our official FB page:

From the MILANO411 official FB page, we’ll post magazine memories and official publication announcements. We’re leaving the FB page up for our readers and fans; and to follow other ARTandDREAMERS projects. We’re so happy that many of you have taken us into your lives and use the publication and page, like your own “Manual of Style & Fun.” In that spirit, we’ll continue to post euro news, global culture, fashion, art, and of course dispatches from our friends and other creatives in Milano. Also, news on our other ARTandDREAMERS publications and projects. Milano is such a dynamic, creative, and beautiful place. We encourage all fashionista and “beautiful souls,” to make a pilgrimage there and feel the love and style. It’s on the streets, in the stores, and everywhere you go.

Thanks for a wonderful seven years of memories.

Beaux Hommes

Readers and fans, we invite you to follow our creative efforts at our newest ARTandDREAMERS publication, BEAUX HOMMES

Please stay tuned for more ARTandDREAMERS projects and publications.

MILANO411 Shutdown | MILANO411

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